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The OB Town Council regular meeting in July of 2010.

The Ocean Beach Town Council is having an election starting this week to fill 7 seats that are being opened. And there are eight candidates running for those seats, six of them incumbents.

The Council is sponsoring a Candidates’ Forum during their regular public meeting, this Wednesday, August 24th, at the Masonic Center located at 1711 Sunset Cliffs Boulevard.

Here are the names and statements of the candidates, provided to us by the OBTC (listed alphabetically):

  • Dan Allemeier (I)
  • Brennan Bazar (I)
  • Frank Gormlie
  • Cyndee Hanna (I)
  • Giovanni Ingolia (I)
  • Trudy Levenson (I)
  • Jeri Ryan (I)
  • Scott Therkalsen

Note: (I) denotes Incumbent Candidate

Here are the candidate statements:

Dan Allemeier:

My name is Dan Allemeier, I have served on the Board for a little over 2 years now and I would like to continue to serve for another term. I own a home in OB with my wife, Kerstin, my two girls, Grace and Georgia and my two beautiful English Bulldogs Pumpkin and Gourdie.

I have served as the Media Relations Representative for the OBTC; in this capacity I have written and distributed Press Releases for a variety of events and activities, as well as being the point of contact for all local new media. I have also served on the Membership committee, for the last year.

I also have been the main point of contact and primary council representative on the Sunset Cliffs safety issue. I was responsible for several traffic studies conducted along Sunset Cliffs and also presented recommendations to the Ocean Beach Planning Board, which resulted in the Planning Board making specific safety recommendations to Councilman Faulconers office.

Brennan Bazar:

I am announcing my intent to run in the upcoming Ocean Beach Town Council (Board of Directors) Election. I have enjoyed the past few months as an appointed member and would like to continue my involvement with the OBTC. I look forward to seeing each of you at the next meeting.

Frank Gormlie:

Today, I am hereby declaring my candidacy for the OB Town Council Board of Directors, and I am eligible as I own a business in Ocean Beach, the OB Rag, an online news site for OB.

I believe that due to my experience, motivation, and love of Ocean Beach, I can make a significant contribution to the community by serving on this important and representative body. I can bring valuable skills and abilities to bear, and with fellow Board members, work towards the improvement of the community, ensuring that the Board represents the residents, the tenants, property owners, and businesses of Ocean Beach.

From attending and graduating from Dana Junior High and Point Loma High, from working in my uncle’s camera store on Newport Avenue during the Sixties, from catching waves in OB since I was 13 years of age, and from living and being active in the neighborhood since I went to college, Ocean Beach is in my blood. During the Seventies, I founded the original OB Rag, and was a founding member of the OB Community Planning Group. Since those heady days, I have served on the OB Planning Board twice, for one year in the early Nineties, and as Chair and member for two years in the first years of this century. I also helped to found and chair the OB Grassroots Organization (OBGO) which was instrumental in working with City Councilmember Donna Frye in determining whether the old city dump next to SeaWorld was leaking toxins.

Much more recently, I began an online version of the OB Rag in late 2007, which has steadily increased its readership and focus on Ocean Beach issues. I played a substantial role in helping to save the OB Branch Library in the Fall of 2008 and in lobbying to save OB’s fire pits from being dismantled in 2010. My media online business -the OB Rag – has been on the forefront of these issues, and we have activated anti-graffiti and other community clean-ups, as well as bringing the issue of homelessness and the homeless to the fore, and we have made a significant contribution to the community by encouraging and supporting community forums on homelessness.

I also am an attorney with a small practice in personal injury and criminal defense.

Cyndee Hanna:

I have been working on the Ocean Beach Town Council Board of Directors since this last February, 2010, and would like very much to continue doing so. I feel I have tried to be a strong participant, both in volunteering and supporting the Ocean Beach Town Council Projects which benefit our community, as well as bringing new ideas and a sincere desire to improve and enhance Ocean Beach for those who live, work and play there.

Giovanni C Ingolia:

I am writing in regards to the elected position on the Ocean Beach Town Council Board of Directors. In March of 2010 I was appointed to the Board of Directors and have enjoyed my service on the Board.

When I moved to Ocean Beach 10 years ago, I was drawn to its feeling of community. It reminded me of my hometown in central Illinois. I have served on the Ocean Beach Planning board for 5 years, the Town Council Tree committee for 2 years, and co-chaired the t-shirt subcommittee. Some of the other events I have participated in include Restaurant Walk and the OB Street Fair.

My participation in community events shows my commitment to Ocean Beach. I am asking for your vote so I can be elected to the Town Council. It would be my pleasure to serve the Ocean Beach community in this manner, and be a part of planning for its future.

Trudy Levenson:

I would like to be considered for reelection to the Board of Directors of OBTC.

I have been on the Board for over a year and am presently the Treasurer.

I have participated in the Pier Breakfast and Restaurant Walk, as Staging Captain for the Christmas Parade for two years, delivered food and toys to local families at Christmas, and helped run the Judges’ Tent for the past three years at our annual Chili Cook-Off. In 2010 I am on the Awards Committee, First Annual Halloween event and hope to help chair the Christmas Parade.

Jeri Ryan:

I’m writing to inform you of my intent to run for my Board Member seat on the Ocean Beach Town Council. I have served as a Board Member since 2004 and I truly enjoy communicating the views and needs of the Community to the appropriate agencies for the betterment of Ocean Beach.

I have previously served as Treasurer for 3 years and chaired the committee that rewrote the OBTC Bi-Laws. I feel that I am a valuable asset and have a passion to help make Ocean Beach be the Best that it can be.

I love “OB” and if re-elected I will continue to serve and volunteer to the best of my ability.

Scott Therkalsen:

This letter is to declare my candidacy for a seat on the Ocean Beach Town Council. My name is Scott Therkalsen. I have been a California and Ocean Beach for the last 6 years and have been interested in community events, planning and becoming involved in a more formal manner with the planning board or town council. I’ve recently learned of this opportunity and am excited to become involved. I am a Geography Instructor at Grossmont College and have done research on community development issues in the past. I plan on living here for decades to come and as I see the changing face of Ocean Beach I want to play an active role in preserving the unique character that makes Ocean Beach such a special place.

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Jon August 23, 2010 at 6:47 pm

Can someone explain the voting process? Do you need to be a member of the OBTC in order to cast a vote, or is it open to anyone living/owning a business in OB? Also, what day is the vote held and where?


Frank Gormlie August 23, 2010 at 7:07 pm

Hey Jon, from what I understand, only members of the OBTC in good standing are able to vote. Voting begins Wed Aug 25 and continues to the end of the month. Members in good standing are those who have paid their dues. It is unclear at this point whether if you join Wed night and pay your dues then if you can vote in this election. I understand that the balloting will be by emails with hard copies also available.


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