City moves to end free juice off Newport lamp posts

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OBParklotBacon 004sby Antonio Castelan / Channel 6 News / August 6, 2010

OCEAN BEACH – It seems some people have found a way to steal electricity on the Ocean Beach’s dime, but the city has a plan to put an end to the theft.

Joe Castillo, a representatives with the City Streets Division, tells San Diego 6 that people are ripping off electricity from Ocean Beach lamp posts whose electrical sockets are meant for Farmers Market vendors. “We heard people are plugging their electric vehicles, electric carts, cellphones.”

Castillo says it’s too hard to say how much electricity is being stolen because the city gets its electricity in bulk. Castillo says there used to be safeguards to prevent the thefts. “They had some covers in the past, but they were vandalized and broken.”

The city plans on putting a more secure cover over the sockets again.

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john August 7, 2010 at 7:02 pm

As I’m sure nobody hangs around a lamp post any length of time for fun, surely the cell phone users were in an emergency situation (not literally a 9/11 call, just a dead battery) and it’s not a big deal. And electric cars are a GOOD thing, the lack of charging facilities on the road is a major factor in the lack of interest in them. Why doesn’t the city get SMART, take a GREEN position and put a meter on one for the electric vehicles? They have parking meters that take credit and debit cards now, don’t they?
Oh, that would require intelligent thought and forward thinking vision. Two qualities considered a disqualifier in government hiring.


kenloc August 9, 2010 at 2:51 pm

Damn.Guess I’ll have to remove the extention cord running from Newport to my house.


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