“I hate that you suffer. …”

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Editor: This was submitted to us totally unsolicited, perhaps inspired by JM Williams post on hate.

by Kenloc

I hate that you suffer.

I hate that you fear.

I hate the solution is not crystal clear.

I hate this issue.

I hate this talk.

I hate it when people puke where I walk.

I hate pollution.

I hate the man.

I hate skinheads and the klan.

I hate PB and MB too.

I hate the haters that hate you.

I hate the sticker and the message it sends.

I hate that your cold when the day ends.

I hate that your hungry.

I hate that your poor.

I hate that I’m unable to help you more.

I hate that your out there every day.

I hate that you hate that I feel that way.

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Rich June 27, 2010 at 12:32 pm

I hate that you hate that I hate that you feel this way.

Once again, we have an emotional plea trying to side-step the issue (although a well-written one – props for being clever). These bums continue to sponge off of the rest of us because a certain percentage of people out there continue to “feed” them.

Actually, I think the sticker promotes a brilliantly simple solution to the problem. Stop feeding them and they will stop doing it. The genuinely homeless will have to take advantage of social assistance already in place and those who are just lazy will have to (gasp) get a job!

I’ve said it before – the most truly intolerant people are those who preach tolerance.


Kenloc June 27, 2010 at 2:33 pm

yes, some are sponges.yes some of them display behavior that I have issues with. But I cannot watch a hungry person dig from a dumpster and eat garbage when I have plenty of food.Even if they are destroying themselves,if they are eating right from a dumpster they are obviously very hungry. If they are eating from a dumpster noone is feeding them right?and yet they are still here eating trash.Watching a human being suffering and not offering them help when you have it to give in the hopes that they will go away just doesn’t seem right to me.Let’s come up with a better solution then starving the homeless out of ob.Don’t turn your head when you see someone hungry.If you were hungry I’d give you what I could as well. Peace.


Rich June 28, 2010 at 7:29 am

I general, I agree with you Kenloc – I have no problem helping someone out who is hungry, etc. Life, however, is about choices. Compassion needs to be mixed with wisdom. If someone chooses a lifestyle of not working (when they are perfectly capable of it) or of constant drug/alcohol abuse, then one of the (many) consequences of those choices could be homelessness…lack of funds to eat with… So in a situation like that, assistance can actually be harmful to the individual as it encourages them to continue with the drug/alcohol abuse.


tj June 27, 2010 at 3:13 pm

Making a personal decision – about what you will, or won’t do, to help someone – is between you, & your God.

Publicly judging people – subjecting them to ridicule & embarassment with a demeaning sticker – is offensive to the compassionate.

“There but by the grace of God go I.” John Bradford


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