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OB Flashes!

OCEAN BEACH, CA.  This is OB Flashes l- the OB Rag’s weekly Community Bulletin and Discussion Board.  Discuss anything that is bugging you, or exciting you, or of interest. Do it in the comments section. Not only that, if you or your buds are having a meeting or event you would like to inform the rest of us about, do so here. If you want to get rid of something, like an old working TV, do it here.

Open Thread for Discussion Right Here (in the comments)

Here is where you can say it, and say it with finesse or say it with humility, but say it.

What is the Paddle For Clean Water Festival? It’s this Sat – Sept 13th

The Surfrider Foundation’s Paddle For Clean Water Festival is a gathering of the tribe, so to speak. It’s a chance for everyone to come together once a year and raise awareness for clean water issues that San Diego faces. This year the focus is on raising awareness of the border pollution issues in southern San Diego County and raising awareness of fresh water issues that impact our local coastal waters in our current drought.

Clean Water Paddle

The centerpiece of the day is the paddle around the Ocean Beach Pier. It’s scheduled to start at 10am so don’t be late! The event features all sorts of human-powered paddlecraft – surfboards, bodyboards, kayaks, outrigger canoes, etc. – in a non-competitive paddle out and around the Ocean Beach Pier. While the event

If you don’t have a board but still want to paddle or if you would like to take public transport to OB, get there early as we will have about 30 boards to loan from our friends at Ocean Beach Surf and Skate! The paddle around the pier is approx. one mile and takes people between 20 and 60 minutes to complete. Pace yourself, take it easy and enjoy the great vibes! Please note that while this is a non-competitive event it is still very strenuous and not for the faint-of-heart.

Even if you don’t paddle we invite you to come enjoy the event and help make a difference. Immediately after the paddle there will be a ‘Stop Border Pollution’ group photo, words from San Diego City and Imperial Beach Councilmembers along with a big raffle.

Immediately following, the music begins and lasts all afternoon!!

10:00am Paddle Around the OB Pier

11:00am Group Photo

11:30am: Live music begins with The Professors

11:30am: Stone Brew beer garden opens in parking lot & Kids arts and crafts area opens on grassy area near lifeguard tower

12:35pm: Pullman Standard

1:40pm: C Money and The Players Inc.

2:45pm: Tribal Seeds

4:00pm: Iration

5:00pm: Festival ends

If you are coming from outside of Ocean Beach be sure to carpool or take public transport if you can. San Diego MTS Route 35 and Route 923 go to OB. The 35 departs from Old Town while the 923 comes from downtown San Diego through parts of Point Loma to OB.

It’s a free event all day long and the more the merrier so tell your friends!

For more info go to http://paddle4cleanwater.blogspot.com/

OB Rag Blogger Gets His 15 Minutes Of Fame at the Reader as the Dog Talker

Dave Gilbert

Our own blogger, Dave Gilbert, has an article about his dog walk business in the Reader – Dave is also a musician.

“I haven’t done too much playing in concert as of late,” says singer/guitarist Dave Gilbert, “so I started the OB Happy Dog Walking Service.”

He says the doggie duty requires walking from six to twelve miles each day, making the job more consistent than musician work, despite playing in three local bands at the moment. “Club owners don’t pay their acts much, if anything at all. You can make decent cash playing casinos, but it can also destroy your musical soul if you play strictly for pay.”

Gilbert launched his canine sideline by posting tear-off flyers around O.B. and Point Loma and, more recently, commissioning promo T-shirts from local poster artist George Davis. “Working with dogs is my Zen,” says the longtime animal lover. “I was born in the Year of the Dog, so I think that gave me a leg up, so to speak. The past few of years of dog walking have taught me a lot about patience and understanding.”

He says Happy Dog rarely conflicts with his show schedule. “It was a lot harder juggling music gigs back when my day job was working in the automotive industry. Not to mention few gigs are as lucrative and steady [as dog walking]…I really wouldn’t want to be in another tribute act.”

Some of Gilbert’s dog friends have shown their own musical aspirations. “I recorded my Rottweiler barking on an improvisational piece I was working on called ‘Rockweiler.’ And then I had a dog that didn’t like it when I would jam on my axe. But, when I sat the guitar down, she did a mean Jimi Hendrix-style solo, playing it with her teeth.”

“Hahaha, even my dog plays guitar!”


OB Historical Society Presents Author Richard Carrico on the Presidio de San Diego: Abu Ghrib, Guantanamo Bay or Citadel of Civilization?

Author Richard Carrico will give his presentation at the general meeting of the OB Historical Society on Thur. September 17th, at 7:00 p.m., at the PL United Methodist Church, 1984 Sunset Cliffs Blvd., OB

In their review of frontier colonial history, many scholars, and especially more recent revisionist views, following the lead of Sherburne F. Cook, have portrayed the Spanish system in California as particularly rigid and inhumane. By contrast, mission apologists, many with Boltonian roots, have found little to criticize in the Spanish colonial system and the treatment of Indians (cf Guest 1978 and the writings of Nunis). Rather than examining specific examples of situations thoroughly, the tendency of many of these historians has been to paint a rather generalized depiction of the overarching colonial system using a broad brush approach or to focus on those examples that best support the claimants view.

Believing that we must analyze one mission and one presidio at a time if we are to gain any true understanding of the colonial system and the California Indian, this presentation focuses specifically on the Spanish colonial system as implemented at the Presidio de San Diego from 1770 to 1810. Emphasis will be placed on how laws and regulations were applied to Indian prisoners and alleged criminals, the methods used to extract testimony, instances of moral valor and of moral turpitude, and the effects of these policies on the individuals and on the native people as a whole. It will be strongly suggested that the legal and moral system practiced at the presidio included torture, leniency, close adherence to the law, and wild variations in the application of Spanish laws— in other words an out of balance, often incoherent system of law and justice.

Please join us at our Sept 17th, 7 p.m. OBHS meeting and learn more from this splendid author, and speaker.

OB Kiwanis Club to hold Fishing Derby Off OB Pier Sat September 19th

The Kiwanis Club of Ocean Beach is holding its Fishing Derby on Saturday,  September 19th, from 8am to 11 am. And of course it will be on the OB Pier! Where else?

There will be prizes and free bait and Refreshments!

Come Join Our Anti-War High School Leafleting

The youth of today need you now more than ever and their is an effective way that you can help.  For 7 years this community has stepped up to reach out and serve the youth of San Diego with a message of hope.  Letting them know about the wars their leaders bring, but opening their eyes to the truth behind war.  At the same time we try to counter the endless barrage of military messages they see and hear on their campuses.  Our 7 year high school leafleting project, a committee of the SD Coalition for Peace and Justice, has proven effective.  We’ve passed out 120,000 leaflets all over the county.  The students too are engaged in this struggle by leafleting their campuses themselves and forming a coalition called Education not Arms.  This coalition successfully removed weapons training at San Diego Unified schools.
Please join us this year!  We will be passing out informational flyers and the all important Opt out form.  Under no child left behind all student names & personal contact info is given to military recruiters unless the student opts out of this process.  The first month of school is a crucial time to reach students with this document.
We will be passing out this information the weeks of Sept. 14th & Sept. 21st.   All it takes is about an hour in the morning. We will create teams of volunteers who meet on the public sidewalk outside the school and leaflet in the morning as students enter. We’d like to go to high schools in North County, San Diego, South Bay and East County.
Please contact me by leaving a comment to this post with info on how to reach you or calling the number below.  Let me know the region or school of your choice and day(s) of the week that work best for you.  Then we’ll work to get you connected to a team and provide you all needed info and materials.

Contact Stephanie Jennings for SDCPJ high school leafleting project 619-237-8870.

Sept flier future

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Dave Gilbert September 8, 2009 at 11:05 pm

Thanks Frank, but because of the recession it’s down 15 “seconds” of fame now.

Thanks for the plug too, I can’t believe how blessed I’ve been with work from all sides of the coin…God is good ;)


doug porter September 9, 2009 at 9:41 am

hey gang! fox news getting you down? have you realized that the U-T (as in Union Trib) actually stands for UnTrue? still need yer news fix?

Come Visit the OBRagBlog page on Facebook! More news, more commentary. Cool Stuff. Snark! and so much more… check out the little facebook box (clicky, clicky) that’s on the right side of this page & up a little.


Frank Gormlie September 9, 2009 at 11:37 am

National Lawyers Guild of San Diego Chapter presents:

The Nuts & Bolts of California Medical Marijuana Laws

Panelists include:

Heather Boxeth, Esq.

Alex Kreit, Esq.

Professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Gerald Singleton, Esq.

Medical Marijuana Attorney

Dion Markgraaf

Activist, Americans for Safe Access

Thursday, September 17, 2009
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Lecture Hall 2

California Western School of Law
225 Cedar Street
San Diego, CA 92101

* The forum is co-sponsored by National Lawyers Guild from Cal Western and TJSL law schools. For more information, e-mail sdnlgadmin@gmail.com or go to http://www.sdnlg.org // Qualifies for One (1) Hour MCLE Credit, renewal status is pending //FREE of charge/Snacks and Refreshments will be Served


annagrace September 12, 2009 at 3:30 pm

Frank Gormlie, the OBrag and the OB spirit were acknowledged today (9/12) at the Annual Friends of the San Diego Public Library annual award ceremony. OB Friends of the Library Suzi More described the impact of one person’s effort- Frank Gormlie- to keep the OB library from closing last year. Suzi praised Frank, who publicized the proposed closing in the OBrag. The Friends of the Library were holding their monthly booksale when Suzi and the library volunteers found themselves in the midst of 200 OB Library supporters who came out with signs and the message “Don’t close our library.”

Two other speakers, including San Diego Library Foundation President Mel Katz, also acknowledged the significance of the OB community support in convincing the Mayor and Council that closing libraries was unacceptable.

One year later and they haven’t forgotten what you did!


Patty Jones September 12, 2009 at 5:30 pm

Thank you, Anna, for sharing that bit of news! I can’t wait to see his face when he reads your comment.

I remember that day in front of the library in OB, it was the first time I saw you speak, and I’ve loved you from that moment!


annagrace September 12, 2009 at 6:42 pm

Patty- felt the same. And here we are, one year later!


Frank Gormlie September 12, 2009 at 7:31 pm

It’s wonderful news, Anna- thanks for spreading it. The Save the OB Library campaign started with me calling Suzi More of the Friends and Pat James of the OB Historical Society and asking each of them if they would help support a rally. Both of them jumped on this plan without hesitation – which is what then inspired me. Without the OB Friends of the Library and the Historical Society, it would not have happened. The OB Rag was merely the messenger. So many people came out and signed the petition – hundreds of locals and library users. What we did last November here in OB was definitely a model for other communities. And it was you Anna that kept us here in touch and connected with those other communities. Thank you.


Gary Gilmore September 13, 2009 at 9:46 am

Whoa! I just saw the new format and it’s terrific! It’s cleaner, more professional and, easier to read. The change is for the better. Nice!


Patty Jones September 13, 2009 at 10:26 am



Danny Morales September 13, 2009 at 11:59 am

Frank,- Hows about we do the for the park at the foot of Saratoga as was done for the library? Currently there is a deficit of COMMUNITY park acreage in O.B.> The proposed condo development would preclude any public infrastructure development (like the library) that O.B. seriously needs. I know that it’s private land and the City would rather have OB…well you get my point. I’d be more that willing to do some legwork here. I don’t care how long a struggle or how difficult it may be…let’s go to work…for O.B.!


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