Stop another bad GOP appointment – John Davies to Airport Authority

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by San Diego Politico / July 13, 2009

On Tuesday, July 14, the San Diego City Council will be voting on the Mayor’s appointment of John Davies to the San Diego Airport Authority. Currently, the Airport Authority has 8 Republicans and only 1 Democrat.

We need our Democratic Council members to stand up to the mayor and so no.
Who is John Davies?

JOHN DAVIES is a friend of Pete Wilson
John Davies has been a Planning Commissioner, head of CCDC, Regent of the University of California, and Appointments Secretary to then-Gov.  Wilson. He has a long and impressive resume thanks to his friendship with Pete Wilson, but did you know… ?

JOHN DAVIES recently served as Mayor Sanders’ enforcer as Chairman of the City Charter Review Commission which advocated for expanding and making permanent the strong mayor form of government. In that role he fought hard to keep the cities power base in the hands of the downtown business establishment.

JOHN DAVIES is NOT a FRIEND to People of Color or Women While on the University of California Board of Regents, John Davies was one of Ward Connerly’s most consistent and vocal allies in attacking affirmative action and opportunity for women and minorities at the University of California.

He voted in favor of SP-1 and SP-2 (the UC precursor to Proposition 209), and endorsed Prop 209 (which served to eliminate affirmative action in California).

He was also the only UC Regent to join Ward Connerly in voting AGAINST “Comprehensive Review Admissions” which allows UC to look beyond mere grades and test scores in evaluating students for admissions, despite evidence that UC professional schools were rapidly losing the ability to recruit minority students.

He was a vocal proponent for Proposition 54, pushing to eliminate the ability of the government to even collect racial information – thereby making it impossible to show racial disparity in contracting, health access or educational gains.

JOHN DAVIES is NOT a FRIEND to the LGBT Community While on the UC Board of Regents, John Davies voted AGAINST domestic partner benefits for UC employees.

While serving as Chair of the Board of Children’s Hospital, John Davies helped fight the efforts of hospital janitors and medical aids to unionize, spent hospital resources to help delay a first contract, and ultimately engaged a decertification campaign against the workers.

He is AGAINST Project Labor Agreements and Neutrality in Union Organizing
Would John Davies be your Friend on the Airport Authority?

Please contact each council member with a simple message: VOTE NO ON THE APPOINTMENT OF JOHN DAVIES TO THE SAN DIEGO AIRPORT AUTHORITY!

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Lance Murphy July 13, 2009 at 3:42 pm

What I find amazing is that we’ve been without a representative since the April 15th appointment of Alan Bersin to Homeland Security and now we need to do something overnight?

Mr. Bersin played a crucial role at the Airport Authority and left shortly after the absurd completion of the “Destination Lindbergh – The Ultimate Buildout”. Recall this plan for a $6 Billion fiasco that would add NO capacity; a plan spearheaded by the Mayor’s last appointee — Steve Peace. I want to know what Mr. Davies thinks of that plan.

Bottom line: San Diego desperately needs the right leader for the Airport Authority. We’re in the process of a $1 Billion expansion of terminals and have NO PLANS for the future airport capacity problems. Are we going to follow the strategy set out by the Mayor’s last appointee?

So, is John Davies the best person? I don’t know any of his experience that is applicable to this challenge. He may be a great volunteer and just the right guy – but to have only 24 hours to respond is ridiculous. What the City Council should do is allow Mr. Davies to present his experience, opinions and goals for the entire community to digest. Then we can do something responsible with forethought.

I strongly object to the author’s characterization – none of his/her issues are directly relevant to Mr. Davies appointment to the Airport Authority. The airport has a respected and diverse staff and no union troubles. It is absurd to discard a person with decades of experience – especially since Senator Kehoe spearheaded the elimination of the paid positions on the Board.


Wireless Mike July 14, 2009 at 12:56 pm

I just heard that Mike Davies withdrew his name from nomination earlier today.


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