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It’s been a tough week but things are so much better and I’m finally catching up on my sleep.

This is why…

Her mom and dad named her long before she was born, telling me that we would call her “Sunny” or “Maddy” depending on her disposition. So far she’s a Sunny! I know that can change, but if she’s anything like her Gemini momma she’ll be some of both.

My daughter had a hard time being pregnant. The baby and pregnancy itself went pretty much without a hitch, but my daughter’s body seemed to rebel. She had some serious complications which may have led to the baby being born three weeks early, putting her in intensive care, apart from her baby and giving me one hell of a scare.

My daughter and my grand-daughter were born in the same hospital. Really, it just has the same name, it is completely different now. Some aspects of it are so much better than they were, but in other ways it almost seems more backward than before. Don’t get me wrong, when I told them all those years ago that I wanted to nurse my daughter they sent a male nurse in to show me show to breasfeed. The lactation consultants now are truly wonderful.

Now they have what they call the “Women’s Health Center” and it is pretty much seperate from the rest of the hospital. The only problem with that is they really only focus on childbrith issues and a woman’s health is so much more than that.

We’re all home now and things are getting better every day, but I have big issues with what went on with my daughter and the care that she received, didn’t receive, or received at the last minute.

I haven’t been at the computer much and haven’t written to everyone who sent us well wishes and congratulations but I wanted to say thank you so much and to share our little Sunny with you all.

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Terry June 14, 2009 at 8:53 pm

What a cutie! Congratulations and best wishes to your family.


PSD June 14, 2009 at 9:04 pm

Congratulations to you and yours, Patty! Sorry to hear about what sounds like some complications involving the staff and procedures, I trust we’ll hear more when you’ve had a chance to gather your wits. Right now there are more important things for sure…


Dickie June 14, 2009 at 9:27 pm

Patty, All the best to you and your daughter and to little Sunny, whom I can’t wait to meet . . . when she is about 1.5 months old I hope . . . she is so cute.

till then . . .


Geniezuc June 16, 2009 at 6:37 am

What a pic! So beautiful. I will send you one of mine, via e-mail……….
Yes, David’s daughter Shasta gave birth (in Reno) to a beautiful baby boy named Brennen a week ago, June 8th.
THAT… would make me a Great gramma!!!!
Can’t wait to hold him! Hopefully sooner than later.
We are in the process of figuring how to get them here, Shasta, Daniel, and Brennen, and will be looking for a place for them. Hopefully in O.B.! What a great place to start out their family!
Hopefully Sunny and Brennen will be playing in the waves together in the future….smiles.


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