Urgent Action: Needy Families Will Suffer Significant Consequences

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Through my work alongside social service and mental health professionals, I am occasionally presented the opportunity to do more than provide direct services. Today I came across a call to action for all San Diego community leaders, and in my opinion that includes anyone who takes part in the OB Rag – either as a contributor, a reader, or both.

As a result of the slumping economy and the California Legislature’s longstanding inability to agree on a viable budget, there will be a number of far-reaching consequences. One of those consequences is in direct relation to the well-being of San Diego’s poor, namely those receiving cash aid or food stamps. My understanding is that today’s budget passage will NOT provide any relief to County Health and Human Service budgets across the state – a significant detail that may result in people literally receiving IOU’s instead of monthly cash aid.

The letter below was sent to me by a colleague (I don’t know who initially drafted it, so we will post it as anonymous). By taking action and calling your elected officials, you will be protecting the human rights of thousands of San Diego residents. Let your elected officials know that this is the worst time in California’s history to cut basic social welfare in its entirety, and that you are calling in solidarity with anyone who has ever gone hungry, homeless, or without necessary medical or mental health services.

Click the link below (requires Acrobat Reader) to read the letter and to get phone numbers and website addresses of your representatives.

Dear San Diego County Community Leader…

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OB Joe February 22, 2009 at 9:35 pm

LT – thanks for the letter.


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