Giving Bush the Boot !

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Giving Bush the Boot!
January 19, 2009
Over 50 people and a gorilla created a carnival atmosphere at a sunset beach party on the last day of Bush’s presidency as they gave Bush the Boot!
Inspired by the Baghdad journalist who threw his shoes at Bush as a sign of disrespect, Ground Zero Players constructed a life-size Bush effigy, stood it up on the beach in Ocean Beach, and invited people to hurl away.
At the moment the sun disappeared below the horizon, spontaneous cheering, bell-ringing and drumming erupted. A simultaneous shoe hurl was accompanied by singing a few stanzas of Tanks in My Memory from bushisgone’s You Tube video.
Bye Bye Bush! Don’t let the shoes hit you as you slink out of Washington.
Note: 48 pairs of shoes were gathered from the sand and donated to charity after the event.

The Sun Sets On the Bush Era

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