New Bush Rule for Health & Human Services Defines Birth Control As “Abortion”

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Bush’s Prescription for Bad Health Care

Planned Parenthood / August 8, 2008 [Go here for the original article.]

A new Health and Human Services rule has been proposed by the Bush administration that would put radically anti-choice ideology above women’s health care needs. The rule deliberately confuses many types of birth control with abortion and would allow health care providers to deny patients basic services and information on the basis of personal bias.

In practical terms, that means that critical sexual health information could be left unsaid, and prescriptions for basic birth control left unwritten. When more and more families are uninsured and having difficulty accessing health care at all, implementing a rule that will limit access to health services is unconscionable and just plain wrong.

This rule will only hurt the women who most need help at times when they are most vulnerable, and we must do everything in our power to stop it from taking effect. We need you to speak out. Please let President Bush know that this change is wrong.
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Press Statements & News Releases

Already, the public has reacted strongly in opposition to this draft HHS rule. Members from professional community groups across the country have drafted letters urging HHS Secretary Leavitt to reject this rule. These groups include

Medical Professionals


Members of Congress

Newspapers across the country have also run editorials and columns speaking out against the rules.

Take Action Today
You can get involved and help Planned Parenthood stop Bush’s politically motivated plan to radically change HHS rules. Join in the public outcry against this outrageous proposal.

  1. Tell President Bush what you think of his rule.
    More than 33,000 people just like you have already sent letters of protest to the White House. Join them today!
  2. Make an emergency donation.
    It’s going to take all that we’ve got and then some to fight these regulations. Any amount that you can give will help.

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