Wisconsin Man Threated by Police for Flying US Flag Upside Down “In Distress”

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He takes it down after threats by landlady.

Dale Decker believes our country is in distress. The Manitowac, Wisconsin local went out and purchased an American flag, on Wednesday, June 18th, and flew it off his balcony upside down. He did it “for the sole purpose of showing people in my hometown … that their country needs their help.” What happened next was fairly shocking. Here, in Dale’s own words, is what came down next:

Well, on Wednesday afternoon, I left, and when I returned home, there was the United States Flag code of conduct wrapped in a coil on my door handle- So, as I would with anything, I left a very respectful note, telling them why I fly my flag upside down, and inviting them into my home to discuss the situation-Well, on Thursday morning, when I opened my door, they were still there- So, thinking that they didn’t really care, I took them down- I walked across the street to Wal-Mart to get some supplies, and when I returned, there was a card from the Manitowoc Police Dept-, with a note to “call asap”-

So, naturally, I called- They said he was busy, so I told them that I would stop down at the station and wait-

So I did-

He never showed up- Instead, he called the station and spoke with me by phone- He then proceeded to tell me that I could be held CIVILLY AND CRIMINALLY responsible for my actions- He also stated HE was the one who left me the Code of Conduct- He then stated that it is against the law to fly the flag at night without a light on it, and if he saw it again, I would be fined-

He then proceeded to tell me that in order to fly the flag upside down, it HAS to be declared by a government official- Which is bogus- So, after kindly disagreeing with him, I told him to find the statute which stated that, and I would take it down- And we left it at that-

When I returned home, my landlord knocked on my door- She proceeded to BERATE me, by calling me an asshole, and that I have no respect for my fellow citizens, my flag, my country, or my troops-

And now, everyone in our complex is banned from flying flags- I have 1 nephew over in Afghanistan right now, and 2 more getting ready to go- I have over 20 members of my IMMEDIATE family who have, or are now serving in the US military- If I didn’t have respect, I wouldn’t be here now-

So, I called EVERY CONGRESSMAN AND REPRESENTATIVE from Wisconsin, and they all said the same thing- Although discouraged, it is NOT ILLEGAL, I REPEAT, NOT ILLEGAL to fly the flag upside down-

So, I called the news- FOX 11 was the first to bite- When I told them the police were using scare-tactics to get me to take down my flag, they left immediately and were at my doorstep in 35 minutes-
We had a long discussion- They asked me why I felt my country was in distress- So, I talked about the 10,000,000 americans losing their homes due to negligent banker fraud in the housing market, the Security and Prosperity Partnership, the Amero, the North American Union, Congress finding the Bush Administration guilty of lying to get us into a war with Iraq, the Impeachment proceedings against George W- Bush, and how it will anguish in a committee, going under radar until he leaves office, and so on and so on-

Well, they spent 45 minutes with me, and WOW, how did my story turn from that to this-

Watch the video and VOTE in the POLL here:




And for the record, my uncle Walt was involved with the invasion of Iwo Jima-


The video report stated that he took the flag down due to the intimidation by his landlady. And by the way, for the record, the poll was running nearly 67% in Dale Decker’s favor. Everybody, go get your flag and fly it upside down.

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Tanja June 26, 2008 at 2:52 pm

Valuable story.
Get your flags out!!!!


OB Joe June 27, 2008 at 7:19 am

Completely agree with Tanja. We all should get US flags and fly them upside down EVERYWHERE.


Joe The Bassist December 22, 2008 at 2:48 pm

Has anybody heard from Dale? He’s not been online in several weeks and there are more and more people with concern growing that something bad may have happened to him.


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