OB Rag Fund-Raising Slips As the News Pushes Appeals Off Front Page

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vol3no3.jpgOCEAN BEACH, CA. In a new development, fund-raising for San Diego’s newest lefty blog, OB Rag, has slipped recently. Editors are mystified by the lack of financial assistance from readers, despite 1000s of hits each week. “We feel,” one editor mused, “that the damn news is pushing our appeals for help off the front page.”

“It’s true,” a reporter chimed in. “Every time we post an appeal for donations for our old Rags, something out in the world happens. And wouldn’t ya know it – boom – the news gets priority. Geez!” For clarification, the editor explained that since OB Rag is a blog, there is no real “front page” although there is a “home page.” Apparently, appeals by the blog are pushed down the Home Page so they are no longer visible to the reader. “That sucks!” the reporter retorted. “How can we keep up posting great, informative articles, if our readers don’t support us?” she asked rhetorically.

When pressed for details, the editor had this to say: “Yeah, sure, we got an initial spurt of money. But we are in our third week now (of the fund-raising), and it’s drying up.”

vol3no12.jpgOB Rag, the blog, is asking its readers to help it financially by donating for old copies of the OB Rag – the underground newspaper. Numerous old issues have been scanned in, and are available for donations. Readers interested in helping simply have to choose which issues they want, contact the blog via the “Contact” page with issue and volume numbers, and the staff will respond with an address to send the money order or check. Check here for those old issues of the original OB Rag that are available.

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