At end of 3rd week, OB Rag fund raising sizzles

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vol4no14.jpgOCEAN BEACH, CA. At the end of a three-week fund raising campaign, OB Rag editors have found their efforts sizzling. “Several people responded, and they were great,” explained one editor, “but we’re disappointed that more readers haven’t stepped forward to help us out.”

“A couple of old friends did pledge to buy old Rags, but it’s always, you know, ‘the check’s in the mail,'” one editor complained. Blog staff had made available many of the hard copies of the original OB Rag, which flourished in the first half of the 1970s, and were asking specific donations for the remaining issues. The front covers of those issues had been scanned in, giving readers an idea of what the content was. Those Rags available can be viewed here.

vol1no5.jpg“We’d like to continue our series on the history of the original paper and the community movement in Ocean Beach,” said one reporter, too bashful to give his name. “I’m somewhat taken aback that more of the original staff haven’t contacted us to get those issues that they don’t have. These old issues,” the staff member continued, “were carefully saved from the Reagan years of the eighties, the recession of the 90s, and now have survived into the new century, despite Bush and his cronies.”

Uncertain of their future, staff editors were last seen huddling together, trying to decide their next step. One staffer muttered, “If those Spanish truckers can go on strike, so can we.” He was immediately admonished by an editor, who stated, “People will come through for us. Too many readers love what we post, and appreciate that we’re out there, providing coverage that, frankly, no one else is covering.”

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