March 2008 Antiwar Arrests Reached 399

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Okay, we were wrong, We had reported that there had been 365 arrests during the antiwar “march madness”. We have just received word via a Z Magazine post, “The March of the Dead,” [go here for that article] from a May 1 post that indeed 66 protesters were arrested in Washington, DC on March 19th – and not the reported 32. This means, if anybody cares or is watching, that 400 arrests of Americans were made between March 15th and the end of that month (okay, actually only 399). See our earlier post here for a geographic breakdown of those arrests by city.

This is just another factual event that the mainstream corporate media has ignored – and a factual event that even the alternative media, like Z Magazine, and all the antiwar and anti-Bush blogs have not known about – as there is no one blog or site or media that is keeping track of the arrests of antiwar demonstrators. (If you care let us know.)

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OB Joe May 2, 2008 at 9:38 am

Okay, everybody in my house cares. What’s my prize?


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