Oil company (BP) to ravage Canadian forests the size of Florida

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Greenpeace calls it “the biggest environmental crime in history”

On April 1, 2008, AlterNet reported on British Petroleum’s plan to destroy Alberta’s forests the size of Florida while increasing greenhouse gases and polluting water resources.

British Petroleum is turning away from the public image of an oil company with environmental consciousness, which it so carefully has crafted since 1997, a plot that even made the company support the Kyoto protocol. Slogans like moving “beyond petroleum” sound rather hollow though today in face of its plans to wreak havoc in Alberta, Canada with its scheme to extract crude oil from tar sands. The project, called by Greenpeace “the biggest environmental crime in history”, represents a policy reversal of BP’s own long-standing, self-imposed ban on the production of crude oil from tar sands, a combination of clay, sand, various minerals and bitumen, found in the Canadian wilderness. [For the rest of this article, go here.]

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