Survey of Antiwar Protesters Yields Interesting Results – 1/4 Are New

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A couple of English leftists have surveyed antiwar demonstrators at recent protests in London and another city. Their survey of over 400 people has yielded some very interesting results.

About 22 percent of the marchers we surveyed at these demonstrations were on their first anti-war demonstration since 9/11. This shows that even five years on from 15 February 2003 the anti-war movement is attracting new supporters.

Another 22 percent had been on just one or two other demonstrations, 21 percent had been on three to five, leaving 35 percent of demonstrators who had been on six or more anti-war demonstrations since 9/11. In other words the “hardcore” makes up about a third of current anti-war demonstrators.

Also, half of the ‘first-timers’ were over 25 years old. [For the rest of this interesting article, go here.]

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