English Pols Call on Admiral Fallon to “blow the whistle” on Iran Attack

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Editor: Writing in an Open Letter to American senior military officers, the spokesman for an influential Iran committee of English politicians, has called for Admiral William Fallon – who just resigned from his position as head of the US Central Command – to exercise his “moral duty” to go public with his true thoughts about the administration’s plans to attack Iran. Here’s an article from an English blog that takes off on this:

Calls are growing on Admiral William Fallon and other senior military officers to make a public stand against the Bush administration’s alleged plans to attack Iran. Admiral Fallon’s resignation last week from his position as head of the US Central Command is seen as a blow for those seeking a diplomatic resolution to the current standoff with Iran. His resignation has drawn demands that he “come clean” as to his reasons for stepping down and expose the true extent of the Bush administration’s plans for military intervention.

Today the Westminster Committee on Iran claimed that Mr Fallon and other key military and political insiders had a “moral duty” to make public their private reservations and to make a stand against the push for attacks on Iran. This call comes in the wake of the British Commons foreign affairs committee report which, this month, warned that “military strikes against Iran are unlikely to succeed and could provoke a violent backlash across the region”. It is known that many senior military figures in both America and Britain, including some of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have serious reservations about US plans for military intervention against Iran. Mr Fallon reportedly made his opposition to a strike known to the White House early on in his tenure and is believed to have resigned due to pressure from within the Bush administration. [For the rest of this article, go here.]

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