White House Press Sec’y: Congress Controlled by “the fantasies of left-wing bloggers” ?

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WOW! Let’s celebrate! We’ve won! Left wing bloggers control Congress!

On second thought, what the hell does Dana Perino, White House Press Secretary, know about our left-wing fantasies? We’re left-wing bloggers. Perino has NO idea of what our real fantasies are … certainly we oppose torture, waterboarding, but then we also support impeachment, an end to the occupation of Iraq, maybe arrests and imprisonment of certain administration officials, and also universal health care, an end to the debt and mortgage crisis, an end to corporate control of America, and … much, much more. Remember John Lennon’s “Imagine”? – well, that’s a start.

Upon the Senate’s passage of the anti-waterboarding measure, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino accused the Democrats’ “left wing” of attempting to take control of the intelligence community:

They’ll have to ask themselves, ‘Do you trust the intelligence community more than you trust Democrats who are beholden to their left-wing?’ And that’s the debate that this country is going to have.

The White House Press Secretary then attacked Congress for holding the contempt of Congress vote instead of expanding Bush’s surveillance powers; she said:

The American people will find it baffling that on a day that House leaders are trying to put off passing critical legislation to keep us safer from the threat of foreign terrorists overseas, they are spending scarce time to become the first congress in history to bring contempt charges against a president’s chief of staff and lawyer. … The ‘people’s House’ should reflect the priorities of the American people, not the fantasies of left-wing bloggers.

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OB Joe February 17, 2008 at 10:02 pm

Hurray! I’m popping the corks right now!


David Brian February 18, 2008 at 12:56 pm

I might live in OB but that doesn’t mean I’m a socialist that wants a nanny state to take care of me. I have always been perplexed about the people who live in the wealthiest nation the earth has ever seen and yet attack the foundation of it’s greatness. Business, capitalism, and religious freedom are the foundation! Who goes around digging out the foundation around their own house? Without the Exxon’s and Microsoft’s we would be like Mexico, if people like Mexico then they’re free to live there, if Mexico will have ya (and they probably won’t unless you have money). Intelligence is realizing that a persons actions will define them, ie are they more careful when digging around their own country’s foundation? I look over the articles in this obrag blog and it looks to me like someone hates the U.S., our strength is from our business, our jobs come from businesses, the infrastructure was built by businesses, and we went to the moon by our businesses creativity. Whether it’s Blackwater, Whitewater, or Greywater they form our strength not our weakness. Look at how much Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are giving to help make the world better. No where else are they giving so much to help. Where is Cuba? Venezuela? Mexico? All I am saying is, “Think before you dig”, other people have to live here too, be compassionate, we need jobs also. If you make business bad they might leave, then what are you going to do?


Frank Gormlie February 18, 2008 at 6:12 pm

OB Joe – put the champagne down.
David – you make a whole lot of interesting points – so many that I couldn’t possibly respond to all of them, so I’ll take on a few. You say we Americans shouldn’t be digging around our nation’s foundation, using the analogy of a house. Yet if your house’s foundation was cracked, or if part of the house was sinking, don’t you think it would be a good idea to dig abit in order to shore up that foundation, remove the termites, repair the roof….? Our nation’s foundation – the Constitution, the Bill of Rights – are in trouble – RIGHT NOW, AS YOU AND I TYPE. Mr. Bush and his cronies have undermined our house of state so much that the foundation is cracking and is sliding off the concrete. We must repair it. NOW.
There are a number of things that are our nation’s foundation – you’re right about the religious freedom, but no where in the Constitution is capitalism mentioned as our state religion. I would say DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM AND JUSTICE are more the foundation than business.
Speaking about businesses, there’s large, corporate sized businesses and then there’s the small mom & pop businesses. Here in OB we’ve seen our mom & pop stores fold and collapse to be replaced by some corporate franchises (Starbucks comes to mind) and antique malls. I have been part of a movement here in OB that has as one of our slogans, “Support Local Businesses”. But on the national level we’ve seen giant corporations take hold of our country on just about every level. We want a country where democracy is working on every level. The corporations actively prevent and hinder our democratic traditions and leanings and yearnings. Look at the health care crisis. As long as people make profit off other people’s health and medical problems, our medical system will be sick. See Michael Moore’s “SICKO” movie.
Thanks David, for the chance to take part in a democratic debate.


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