Bomb Drops on Big Island a Public Health Concern for Hawaiians

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by: Cathy Garger February 12, 2008

In a recent press release, a Hawaiian peace group, Malu Aina (“Land of Peace”) issued a public statement on the bombings of a military training area on the Big Island of Hawaii. The monthly exercises involve United States Air Force B-2 stealth aircraft dropping bombs on the Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA).The B-2 “Spirit” bombers are equipped with “low-observable stealth technology” deployed to Hawaii from as far away as Andersen Air Force Base in Guam. These military exercises called “Koa Lighting,” occasionally conducted in conjunction with the US Navy and Marines, often exceed 18 hours of continuous flight for the 6,880-nautical mile training missions.

Boeing (, the company that built the weapons delivery system for the stealth bombers, explains on its website that B-2s possess nuclear weapons firing capability and have been used in nonstop missions to Afghanistan from Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri.

According to a recent Associated Press article, B-2 Stealth Bombers Hit US Targets (1), the aircraft fly 18,000 feet above the mountains over the main island of Hawaii. In September, the B-2s began monthly 2,000-pound bomb-dropping exercises on the Pohakuloa military range.

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