1/11, It’s Our Disgrace!

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San Diego's protest against tortute“As part of the worldwide protest against torture and for the restoration of Habeas/Corpus we stand in solidarity with humans around the US and the world on this anniversary of the heinous prison at Guantanamo.” ~unk4jazz

On January 11th, 2002, twenty hooded and shackled men shuffled off a plane from Afghanistan, arriving at the U.S. prison at Guantanamo. In an attempt to sidestep the Geneva Convention protections for prisoners of war, the Bush administration created a new category of “enemy combatant” for these men captured in the “war on terror.” Since that time, more than one thousand men and boys have been imprisoned at Guantanamo. Accounts of cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment have been condemned by the United Nations, Human Rights Watch and the people of this country!

San Diego's protest against tortute

Six years later, not a single prisoner has been charged, tried or convicted of terrorism. Many have been released because no evidence has been found against them, but more than 380 men remain in indefinite detention without hope of release. The United States has abandoned law and justice and it’s our disgrace!

The people in these photos gathered in front of the San Diego Federal Bldg and Courthouse downtown to have their voices heard in support of ending this inhumane practice. I can see in the photo at the top that the police were there. Where was the media?

The was a photo in today’s San Diego UT of a protest yesterday in Sydney Australia. Small blurb, page A12. In the caption under the photo it tells of the arrest of 80 people at the Supreme Court Building in Washington D.C., who were calling for the shutdown of Guantanamo. But there were no pictures or articles about protests here in the states! The establishment media continues to ignore the people and their concerns unless it has to do with San Diego protest against torturepot-holes or beer-bans!

Photos by unk4jazz. Check out his photos on flickr! Leave some comments to show your support for the great efforts of the people in the photos, and for his great effort in bringing this information to the public.

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Dave Sparling January 12, 2008 at 4:52 pm

Again I must call attention to the fact that this country purchased a lot of these men from Afghan War Lords. The Bush crime family might think they are clever changing POW to enemy combatant , but these are men purchased as they did slaves.

I am surprised the republicans have not found a way to use them as slave labor. Not surprised that government controlled media says not a word about it.

Scary to think, under laws signed by Bush, we can all be picked up held with no charges or rights. This will be a year unlike any in history.


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