Zogby Poll: 52% of American Voters Support Attack On Iran

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According to a brand new Zogby telephone poll, released on October 29, 2007, a majority of likely voters — 52% — would support a U.S. military strike to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon. The telephone poll of 1,028 likely voters nationwide was conducted Oct. 24-27, 2007 and carries a margin of error of +/- 3.1 percentage points.

Republicans, however, are much more likely to be supportive of a strike (71%), than Democrats (41%) or independents (44%).

There is considerable division about when a strike on Iran should take place — if at all. Twenty-eight percent believe the U.S. should wait to strike until after the next president is in office while 23% would favor a strike before the end of President Bush”s term. Another 29% said the U.S. should not attack Iran, and 20% were unsure.

The view that Iran should not be attacked by the U.S. is strongest among Democrats (37%) and independents, but fewer than half as many Republicans (15%) feel the same. But Republicans are also more likely to be uncertain on the issue (28%).

Further, a majority, 53%, believe it is likely that the U.S. will be involved in a military strike against Iran before the next presidential election. Democrats (63%) are most likely to believe a U.S. military strike against Iran could take place in the relatively near future, but independents (51%) and Republicans (44%) are less likely to agree.

Younger likely voters are more likely than those who are older to say a strike is likely to happen before the election and women (58%) are more likely than men (48%) to say the same — but there is little difference in support for a U.S. strike against Iran among these groups.

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Michael Gomel November 1, 2007 at 12:04 pm

I am sick after seeing the report of the Zogby Poll. Who is a human being
anymore? Who has worth to their earthly existence, to their “name and form”? Flagwavers here in N America , stupid pieces of cloth in the breeze, flagwavers to whom anyone outside of a very small circle of earthlings are disposable …. 20th century civilized hate parading blindly in the 21st century. Pitifull; just pitifull.


Mark Skinner September 25, 2008 at 3:36 am

How typical of the Bush administration.


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