Navy: ‘San Diego Mayor Fully Invested In New NAVWAR Facilities’ — But Not a Word About Affordable Housing

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Editordude: This is an official statement about the status of the Navy selection process for the redevelopment of the NAVWAR properties and how Mayor Gloria is all on board. But, fair reader, notice – there’s not one word about affordable housing.

From NAVWAR Public Affairs / 22 August 2023

The Navy revitalization of Naval Base Point Loma, Old Town Campus (OTC) is now progressing to the next stage of the project timeline, with the full support of Todd Gloria, mayor of San Diego.

Both Gloria and Meredith Berger, assistant secretary of the Navy for energy, installations & environment/chief sustainability officer, addressed the OTC revitalization, which would impact the Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR) headquarters, at a recent San Diego Military Advisory Council (SDMAC) breakfast, Aug 16.

“The city is absolutely committed to making sure we can find a successful way to re-envision NAVWAR’s facility needs here in San Diego,” said Gloria. “We will do whatever it takes to make sure this process goes as smoothly as possible.” …

“This is a significant parcel of land totaling 70 acres that the Navy has offered up in kind to get NAVWAR new facilities and give San Diego a much-needed opportunity to create new sustainable and innovative development,” said Berger. “We’re going through a secure and strict confidential process to review these proposals, and I’m confident we will see incredibly innovative ideas that are sustainable, resilient and impactful to support our community.”

The Navy OTC Revitalization Project centers around the redevelopment of NAVWAR headquarters, which is currently housed in 1941 World War II aircraft factories, on 70.5 acres of Navy-owned land at Naval Base Point Loma, in the Midway-Pacific Highway Community of San Diego, Calif. The 80-year-old buildings are not compatible with NAVWAR’s technical, high-security mission today.

In the latest milestone of the project, the Navy has received proposals from shortlisted potential master developers and has started the process of evaluating them. The request for proposals source selection evaluation process will identify the team whose proposal conforms to the solicitation, best meets NAVWAR’s mission requirements, and represents the best value to the U.S. government. The Navy plans to select one proposer by the end of calendar year 2023 to enter into a period of exclusive negotiations.

The Navy OTC facilities are well beyond their useful life and negatively affect NAVWAR’s cyber warfare mission, security, and workforce safety. The Navy’s proposed revitalization of OTC facilities would meet design standards for safety and security while enabling sustainment of NAVWAR’s national defense mission.

“I’m pleased to see progress on this important project,” said NAVWAR Commander Rear Adm. Doug Small. “As we march forward towards the goal of new mission-capable facilities for NAVWAR, we look forward to continuing our close partnership with the city of San Diego and local community.”

On April 10, 2023, the Navy shortlisted four potential master developers that advanced to Step 2: Request for Proposals based on submitted qualifications. The four shortlisted potential master developers had approximately four months to prepare their proposals to include technical and financial information to specify how they would achieve the Navy’s requirements. Proposals include details such as site and design drawings for the new government facilities; demonstration of the concept for private development; specifics on how they would finance the project; and a proposed schedule for achieving key milestones of the government facilities.

“The Navy appreciates the effort each of the master developers has devoted to their proposals over the last four months,” said Rear Adm. Brad Rosen, Navy Region Southwest commander. “We look forward to moving through the next steps. The Navy and San Diego have had a productive and mutually beneficial relationship for well over a hundred years, and I believe the potential here is another win for us both.”

The Navy will work with the selected master developer on multiple options for the private development of OTC, while continuing to evaluate the feasibility of a NAVWAR-only development funded by traditional military construction methods.

“NAVWAR needs secure, safe, modern, state-of-the-art facilities to achieve its growing and expanding mission requirements to support the Navy,” said Greg Geisen, NAVWAR’s project manager for OTC Revitalization. “We also recognize that this project can simultaneously provide tremendous positive impacts to the community and local economy alike.”

While the NAVWAR mission is driving the requirements and urgency of the revitalization project, a new facility will also attract and retain the skills and talent needed to outpace adversaries in today and tomorrow’s fast moving, more complex and increasingly competitive cybersecurity environment.

Continue to stay updated with the most current information and timelines; visit the project website at

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chris schultz August 23, 2023 at 1:03 pm

Oh, hey, glad the mayor approves? (sarcasm)


Don Wood August 24, 2023 at 6:35 pm

Why isn’t the Navy naming the four developers chosen in this notice? Is that information a secret? Is the Navy about to hand the NAVWAR site over to Doug Manchester like it did the Navy Broadway Complex base?

Is the Navy currently authorized by Congress to pursue this land swap? The earlier Navy Broadway Complex redevelopment required then Senator Pete Wilson to insert language in the Military Appropriations Act that authorized the Navy to lease that property provided that it first signed a project development agreement with the City of San Diego and the city’s Centre City Development Corp.

That didn’t turn out to be a very good deal for the Navy or for federal taxpayers. The Navy required Masnchester, who leased the site to build the Navy one $384 million class A headquarters building, then upzoned the whole site to build a new office and hotels complex. Manchester pocketed those zoning entitlements, then sold most of the leasehold off for more than $1 billion. The Navy got one regional HQ building, and the developer got a $1billion plus and kept a prime block of the site for a new bayfront hotel.

Perhaps the Navy should stick to national defense and stay out of real estate development, to avoid losing its shirt again.


Mat Wahlstrom August 26, 2023 at 9:31 pm

Spot on, Don. Just like IQHQ being allowed to eliminate the “public park” component of that land deal, and just about everything that’s happened with Liberty Station, it’s crooked to a fault.


Mat Wahlstrom August 26, 2023 at 9:01 pm

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