Recommendation on Del Monte ADUs Paused by OB Planners’ Review Committee

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Project Review Committee’s Review of Proposed Twin ADUs on Del Monte

By Connor Greth

On Wednesday, July 19, 2023, the Project Review Committee, a sub-committee of the OB Planning Board, met to review two proposed Accessory Dwelling Units at 4732 Del Monte Avenue.

There are currently three dwelling units on the 7,000 square foot lot. The front house was built in 1938 and has the address of 4736 Del Monte Avenue. The two units in the rear were added in 1959 with the separate street address of 4732 Del Monte Avenue.

This project involves replacing the two units in the rear with two new identical accessory dwelling units over garages. They will form a 40×40 duplex. Each unit will have 1 bed and 1 bath downstairs, and 1 bed and 1 and 1/1 baths upstairs (2 beds and 2 and ½ baths per unit). This project will increase the occupancy on the property. Each unit will also have its own two car garage, amounting to 4 parking spaces.

The Project Review Committee noted that these plans seem to make the lot over-parked. It is odd that there is ample parking on a property in OB. These garages could potentially be converted into additional living spaces in the future. The applicant claimed that the twin ADUs are for long term renters, but the Project Review Committee noted that of course this could always change, and that the committee could not take the applicant’s word for it.

The existing house in the front of the lot will remain and so will the driveway even though it does not conform to today’s standards. However, moving the driveway and bringing it into compliance with current standards would reduce street parking, and the committee supports keeping the driveway how it is because a public parking place on the street is of greater benefit to the community.

There is a 10 foot setback in the rear of the property behind the twin ADUs and five feet on each side of the ADUs from the property lines. As many readers are aware, some buildings in Ocean Beach go right up to the property lines and obstruct views.  The 10 foot setback — well received by the committee — is actually to accommodate for how steep the gradient of the alleyway is.  For cars to safely pull into the garages, a level entrance has to be constructed.

This project was originally submitted to the City for discretionary review and is well on its way. It has gone through the plan check phase, and the City made comments on June 20, 2023. The applicant responded to the City’s comments on July 1, 2023, and is awaiting the City’s second round of comments.

The applicant was eager to get this project in front of the OB Planning Board for their review and approval.  However, the sub-committee’s support for this project is contingent on resolution of the City’s historic comments and further clarification from the applicant, and it would like to review a historic report before the project comes before the Planning Board.

An additional project review committee meeting may be necessary before the Planning Board can vote on it because of the historic concern.


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