Storm Wreaks Havoc on OB’s Shoreline

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in Ocean Beach

Storm-waves and high tide kill Grunion.

By Kathy Blavatt / March 23, 2023

All Photos by Kathy Blavatt

This was not a traditional Grunion run, this was storm damage from a high tide and huge waves.

Because of the high tide and waves up to 12 feet, Grunion washed in and were stuck in a new pond at North O.B. almost to the parking lot. A few of us tossed the live
flopping fish on the sand into the pond. None of us had buckets to take them down to the ocean. We were hoping the next high tide would take them out top into ocean.

As soon as we left the birds came around to eat the dead fish on the sand. Some of the female Grunions had released their eggs.

This high tide and waves made it up to the parking lots, grass and onto some of the street.

Sand gone from beach.

Waves and tidal surge pushed water and kelp onto Cape May Ave. and properties. Included was an end of street property that has been approved to build a multi-story
large building! The Coastal Commission and City may want to rethink that project?

Sand going down storm drain? Remember 2016 El Nino, when the Condos / Air B&Bs  flooded?

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