‘Activism in OB in the 70s and 80s’ – A Video With Kathy Blavatt

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See this short video by Charles Landon about “Activism in the 70s and 80s” with Kathy Blavatt talking about her book, San Diego’s Sunset Cliffs Park.

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Douglas Card April 5, 2023 at 11:45 pm

Very interesting video, thank Kathy. The Sunset Cliffs erosion and stabilization issue definitely did become a major political and environmental conflict in the 60s and 70s. And as you note the newly elected OB Planning Board (of which I was fortunate to have been a member) was active in this and other critical community issues. In 1976 we became concerned about a city plan to protect the houses and apartments hanging on the edge of the cliffs by building seawalls a ways out on the beach, then back filling at a slant to the top of the cliffs, covering over the cliffs and beach. When a reporter from the San Diego Reader asked me what I thought, I quipped “They’d be turning Sunset Cliffs in to Sunset Slopes.” From your pictures we see it is still a problem, for people will always build too close to the edge and the ocean waves will always be pounding away, and even moreso now with climate change. We have it up here on the Oregon Coast as well. But good for all of you who still work to protect beautiful Sunset Cliffs and the beaches.


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