Being Woke Is Essential for a Hopeful Future

by on February 28, 2023 · 2 comments

in From the Soul

by Ernie McCray

At a time
when we
should open our eyes and hearts and minds
to ways
we can
learn the rich stories
that make up
who we are collectively
as subsets
in the vast world
of humanity,
along comes someone like
Ron DeSantis,
the governor of Florida,
who has taken his state’s
already backwards thinking politics
to ridiculous heights
with his introduction
of the W.O.K.E. Act
that was enacted to strike out against
what he refers to as
“woke indoctrination,”
when being woke,
if the truth is spoken,
should be a major objective
of our children’s education,
taking into consideration
that racism
still runs rampant
in our nation,
like a runaway
wind-aided forest fire
devouring highly
combustible dry vegetation.

But this would-be-president
wants those who represent
what hope there is
to grow up ignorant,
blind to why American society
is the way it is,
declaring that wokeness
will lead them
to hate
their country and each other
when being woke,
in actuality,
is the only way they can learn
how to create an existence
wherein they can truly
evolve into seeing each other
as sisters and brothers,
coming to understand
that human beings require
access to information
regarding who they are
for this to happen,
as they must become conscious
of the racism and oppression
that has limited past generations
from achieving social justice
in order to bring an end
to what has far too long been
an over emphasis
in discriminatory practices
that have divided our citizenry
for centuries.

Such would be an impossibility
if our children are deprived of being able
to take a look
at what’s been our actual history.

They desperately deserve political leaders
who are as woke as they can be.


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Thomas L Gayton February 28, 2023 at 1:54 pm

RIGHT ON! The legacy of slavery is DeSantis’ gospel.


sealintheSelkirks March 8, 2023 at 10:49 am

The legacy of the US IS DeSantis’ gospel. Slavery and genocide is good for profits. When he was supposedly ‘defending America’ from the terrorists while in the AF he was actually defending the US torturers in Abu Griab prison in Iraq. What a scumbag.

But dealing with this kind of crap is everywhere, and as individual citizens we’re awfully dang powerless:

A Tale of Two Billboards

Ernie, this country is done if all that the MAGA GOP’s anonymous foot soldiers need to do to get their way is threaten to kill you and your family while their incredibly wealthy backers can just overwhelm facts using bags of cash lavishly spent on lies to publicly trash people who try to counter those lying narratives with no consequences.

A poor foot soldier points a knife at you while the rich who finance and direct the actions of the foot soldiers also point a checkbook and a pen to their legion of lawyers and lobbyists at specific people and whip their media outlets to repeat the lies and bullshit. Very effective strategy isn’t it?

‘A Very Dark Day’: FCC Nominee Gigi Sohn Withdraws After Relentless Attack by Telecom Lobby

“I could not have imagined that legions of cable and media industry lobbyists, their bought-and-paid-for surrogates, and dark money political groups with bottomless pockets would distort my over 30-year history as a consumer advocate into an absurd caricature of blatant lies.”
As the so-called ‘opposing party’ seems generally to have no clue what to do
about it as they have concentrated on indicting foot soldiers while completely ignoring the LEADERS who should have been booted OUT OF the government they tried to overthrow. Trump is ineligible to run for office if these right wing ‘Constitutionalists’ actually read it. Nor would a number of sitting Reps in Congress and the Senate not to mention the UN-Supreme Court.

I mean, really Biden? WTF dude? You were hot to put every pot smoker and weed dealer in prison for life back in the ’90s with your ‘Crime Bill’ but you can’t even jail a single involved politician with IQs that aren’t much higher than room temperature that TRIED TO OVERTHROW THE COUNTRY?

This is a replay of the 1934 Coup against FDR all over again. And it’s the same Class that is pushing it. Remember Wbush’s granddaddy who supported Hitler? Know your history…
You know something else? Bernie Sanders IS STILL polling better than Biden so why the hell won’t Biden bow out gracefully? Because the wealthy who run the DNC aren’t about to let go their reins of power.
This sure isn’t what the Feds did against the anti-war movement, or the de-segregationists, or the woman’s movement. And now MAGATS needs their ‘safe spaces???’ And they call us the snowflakes?

Question: Does anyone think that if the billboard company owners were threatened with being murdered for keeping the racist MAGA billboard up that they would believe the threat was real and take it down?

And that’s the problem isn’t it? One side is quite willing to commit extremely violent acts while the other tends to abhor them. Who are the mass shooters? List how many Leftists or Progressives or even Democrats do this.

Jen Sorensen’s latest comic titled Framing Funnies ‘Culture Wars’ that has/is about to publish on this subject perfectly illustrates this. I suggest people look it up!
Funny thing about this billboard article is that they did take down the Nazi swastika/FBI connection but in reality that agency really has acted like the Gestapo as we lefties and minorities certainly found out over the decades. And the FBI still is with their policy of putting violent agitators into peace & justice groups so they have reason to raid and kill them. Decades of acting like storm troopers; COINTELPRO along with all the assaults on anti-war protesters etc etc proved that point. They tried to get MLK to commit suicide. How sick is that???
And this showed up about another troubling federal agency:

Note:Reportedly the Environmental Activist Erin Brockovich has been flagged as TERRORIST THREAT over her East Palestine activism by DHS & Ohio Law Enforcement.

Erin Brockovich in East Palestine: ‘Something is not right here’

Here’s one about this scary Fascist clown DeSantis:

Ron DeSantis Might Have Serious Mental Issues
One cannot be polite to bullies. Turn the other cheek doesn’t work with people who like violence, and both the shock troops militia types are Fascists bullies as are those who back them mostly without having to get their hands dirty.



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