Our Country Can’t Survive if We Can’t Think in Ways That Are Wise

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in From the Soul

by Ernie McCray

A silly
lie spewing Black man who
would rather be
a werewolf
than a vampire
lost a
|frighteningly and ridiculously
close Senate race
to a dignified Black man
who was born to inspire,

making me question

what the hell

America was thinking,

while, at the same time, thinking

that thinking

isn’t an American skill

because if we were adept at thinking

a blood-drinker wannabe

would never

have made it to a ballot

because thinkers

would have pooh-poohed

such tomfoolery

at the get-go

with all the challenges

America faces currently

and the blame for such

inexcusable clowning

lies with

We the People

and those we elect

to take care of our plethora

of social and political needs,

with more of the responsibility

on these electees

since they hold seats

in the Congress

in Washington D.C.

with a tremendous amount

of power to tend

to such necessities,

with absolutely

no justification

for their glaring misdeeds

because the majority of them

graduated from some

of the nation’s

finest universities

where they took courses

like poli sci and law

and economics and business administration

and psychology,

studies that should have granted

them deep insights

in what it takes to do

the work they’re paid to do,

yet with all the books they had to read

and all the papers they had to write,

often late into the night,

and all the tests they had to take,

they appear to have no clue

as to how to put their knowledge

to use

for the good of the country,

making it rather overly obvious

that they went to school

just for the diploma

and the prestige,

just witless stooges

with impressive

college degrees,

out for themselves

more than for anybody else,

so, no wonder they’re

tolerant of “fake news

and demoralizing lies,

open to ideas of taking

Social Security benefits away

and dividing citizens

into camps of narrow thoughts

and building walls

at our southern border,

their backs turned

to the pleas of so many families

losing loved ones

to drug addictions

and diseases

as there’s not health coverage

for everyone,

their minds resistant

to the realities

of climate change

while the weather

wreaks havoc

before their very eyes

and they ignore

economic inequalities

that can easily be seen

in so many towns and cities

if they only opened their eyes

and took a peek,

and then go on

to cease

making people of color

and non-heterosexual folks

struggle every day

for rights that people

who are no longer the majority

enjoy as a way of life everyday

in what they refer to as the good old USA,

and, oh, would it ever be

a brand-new day

if they just worked on themselves

in ways

that could remake them

into caring thoughtful humans

who come to realize

that our country cries

for positive forward

life affirming ways of thinking

as our experiment

with democracy

gasps for breath,

in need of the oxygen

of hope

to keep it alive

and functioning.


Needless to say

I’m engaging in wishful thinking

but that doesn’t

negate the truth

that a society

can’t better itself

if its leaders

and citizens

are unable to

think critically.


But we’ve got a lot

of work to do

if a buffoon

can get away spouting nonsense

about monsters

who roam

and terrorize at night

and come close

to winning a seat

in our nation’s Senate.


If we’re to succeed,

in creating

the kind of country

we desperately need,

allowing such as that

to happen

just won’t cut it.


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