Roevember – We the People Are Coming — Tuesday, November 8th 2022

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Michael Moore’s Midterm Tsunami Truth #36

Dem Insiders Quietly Confide to Me What We’ve Known All Along

By Michael Moore – Nov 4

Well, my friends, it’s been a very interesting few days. After 5 weeks of my daily insistence that we, the majority, are going to have a Blue Tsunami on Tuesday, I am now (especially after being on TV last night) hearing from Democratic Party insiders who want to tell me (confidentially) that my belief in our victory is not unfounded and is now looking more and more, well, likely.

A couple of these Dem apparatchiks of course had their own reasons to share this good news with me. One asked if I could stop saying we’re gonna win. “We’re worried if people think we’ve pulled ahead,” one said to me, “there’s a chance they’ll say ‘oh good, I don’t need to vote!’”

“That’s old thinking,” I texted back. “The public is already setting new early-voting records. People — our people — are on fire! Women are fed up and in the middle of a not-so-quiet rampage. They’re gleefully looking forward to extracting the men from Congress who support the medieval practice of forced procreation.”

“True,” he texted back. “Pollsters show abortion as #3 on the list of concerns, but that doesn’t account for the intensity and yes it’s huge. The anger over Roe decision is huge.”

I added: “And the anger from young voters is also huge. They know we’ve left them with a dying planet. Their only hope for survival is to toss every last one of the planet killers overboard.“

“Agreed. They’ll also be there in record numbers on Tuesday.”

Another Dem Party person contacted me to thank me for the “brave and correct” stance of believing in the “possibility of the Democratic victory.” She also said I was probably hurting their fundraising.

“You mean,” I replied, “all those scary emails you guys keep sending out saying we need to ‘DONATE $17 BY MIDNIGHT TONIGHT OR WE’RE GOING TO LOSE!!’”

“Yes,” she said. “We need the money. And yes, the more scared people are, the more they’ll give. Your blog is making many of them feel less scared and more hopeful. Not good Mike.”

“Hope,” I offered, “in a time like this, is not a bad thing. Especially if it is based on facts and not simply emotion. Why not have the DNC send out a mass email this weekend telling everyone that their hard work is paying off! Tell them what you just told me — that your internal research is showing Fetterman is going to win Pennsylvania by at least 6 points! Grassley in Iowa is probably going to lose. That New Hampshire was never really in play!”

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