Autumn’s Dance

by on November 29, 2022 · 0 comments

in Ocean Beach

Poem and Photos by Kathy Blavatt

Days’ glow shortens as Autumns sunsets grow more spectacular as fiery skies reflect on the mirrored waters.

Silhouetted palms reach over the horizon as the breeze sways the lanky trunk bodies in dance to the fronds’ clap.

The sky subsides into pastels, then darkness, as tides change the glassy waters into a rumbling of waves.

Morning rivals the sunset as brilliant light shines on leaves of gold and reds.

The colorful seasonal foliage drifts to earth as days turn colder

Now the stark bare trees expose their naked limbs.

Winter’s whispery song puts them into a deep sleep.

Hearty winter growth nourishes the creatures.

Supplying the bugs and critters a needed winter feast.

Long-awaited rains make for a life-giving cocktail.

The magic of water revives the taxed roots and woody structures.

As the chill breaks and the storms subside, nature waits for the sun’s radiant heat to arrival.

The sun breaks through, knowingly winking that the hours of long cold nights are forgotten by her glowing smile.

With a motherly outreaching of warmth, the golden hair beauty coddles her earthly children in her lifeforce.

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