Michael Moore: ‘We Will Win Because Americans Don’t Want to See This Happen’

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By the Times Obituary Staff

A system of government, once the dream of Enlightenment visionaries including Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin and John Locke, died quietly last night in voting booths across America with the American people themselves agreeing to end the experiment that ultimately never fully attained its potential as a nation of true equals.

Founded during the brutal genocide of the Native Peoples, and then built on the backs of kidnapped and enslaved Africans, American Democracy proclaimed in its founding document that “all men are created equal” — although none of the founding fathers actually believed that, even though they thought the sentiment “sounded nice.”

Having not been attempted for over 2,000 years since the Greeks first invented their form of democratic government, American Democracy was born in 1776 as part of a rebellion against British taxation, British courts wanting to eliminate the slave trade and the King of England issuing a proclamation acknowledging that Native Americans had suffered “great Frauds and Abuses” and promising that no further British settlements would be built west of the Appalachian Mountains. This infuriated the wealthier colonists who then decided to take up arms against the Crown.

The eventual American Constitution guaranteed that only 10% of its citizens — just the white male property owners — could participate in its Democracy. For the next 200 years, America tried to improve on its idea — ending slavery, letting women vote, letting people marry whom they wanted to marry, etc., but they never could get it quite right.

By the 21st century, new Christian Nationalist leaders emerged promising to “make America great again” which inspired the dwindling White majority to become politically active. At the same time, the more liberal Americans grew tired of politics and spent their time amusing themselves with “binge watching” and “craft beers.”

In yesterday’s historic election, tens of millions of voters showed up to put American Democracy out of its misery. Newly elected Senators and Congressmen promised more religious laws like the ones banning abortion and sodomy.

Conservative leaders from the UK to Italy to Brazil hailed “America’s courage in ending its flawed attempt to promise ‘freedom’ and ‘equality’ when both are in direct contradiction to capitalism and the free market,” said Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

To celebrate their victory, MAGA groups across the U.S. tonight are holding Critical Race Theory book burnings and round-ups of those who “are confused about which gender they are,” said the Leader’s son.

This is from his Midterm Tsunami #26, where Michael Moore says “We will win because Americans don’t want to see this happen.”


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sealintheSelkirks November 2, 2022 at 12:46 pm

Is there some kind of genetic flaw in our species, a missing component to our cognitive processes that endlessly recycles its crappy behavior over and over in nearly a generational pattern of angry violence?

What we are seeing right now in this country is repeating history (which few people paid attention to since is was so boring in high school, right?). The political violence that continues to grow is nothing but a return to the 1850s of the article below.

Then 1870s ‘Reconstruction’ violence. The economic crash of 1892 political. The early 1900s factory owner goon squad riots against Unions and the Class War riots against the Oligarchy Wealthy that continued through the early 1900s. The 1920s KKK attacks. The Cannabis Drug War started by racists in the 1930s. The 1950s HUAC witch hunts. Too many to list because US history is rife with political violence.

Since it seems to be returning to the past, as one story mentions, duels were popular back then.

The current GOP is like a carbon copy replay of the extremely violent pro-slavery Southern Democrats, and the not-so-funny thing is that the same mindset hasn’t changed, just the faces. But then again…

We are re-living history. Here is a good glimpse into our political past:


The anger is getting worse up here next to the border. More of the giant F**K Biden flags are back flying from the back of oversized 4x4s along with either a US flag (or the enemy of the US flag) on the other side of the bed and how does that work again? Haven’t seen any Nazi swastika flags, though. Anybody selling F**K Trump flags?

Guess I’d better fill out this election ballot on the kitchen table before I go for more firewood. As I’ve probably mentioned, there isn’t a single non-GOP candidate in the county section. But at least I have access still to cut firewood. Snow expected in the next 48 hours.



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