GoFundMe Set Up by New Group ‘Keep the Coast 30’

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From GoFundMe Keep the Coast 30

Join other San Diegans in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 30-foot coastal height limit.

In November of 1972, 63% of voters throughout San Diego voted to pass the citizen initiative, Proposition D, designed to protect the coast from rampant high-rise development like what you see in the attached photo of Miami Beach.

Prop D has protected our precious coastline admirably for 50 years despite continued assaults by the development industry. But, today, this hard-won protection is facing perhaps the most serious assault by the city and the development industry using the red herring of affordable housing. Proponents are also couching it as the rich people on the coast wanting to keep out the riff-raff.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We want to protect the coast for everyone from all walks of life to enjoy. The coast is the most egalitarian resource San Diegans have, and we need to protect it. San Diego’s coast is a national treasure.

Beginning this early October, a group of concerned residents and supporters will host a series of celebrations and press conferences in San Diego’s beach and coastal areas to remind everyone of this historic citizen’s initiative that triumphed over the moneyed interests that run our city.

On the upcoming November ballot, Measure C calls for removing the height limit on 1,324 acres in the coastal zone – from the I-8 freeway three miles south to Laurel Street at the south end of the San Diego Airport. The publicity distributed by Measure C’s proponents is dishonest and deceptive, implying that Measure C only affects the 48-acre Midway District. See the map below.

Proponents of Measure C have bottomless resources to convince voters that it’s necessary to give away our public lands to developers. We don’t have those resources. But, with a small amount of money, we can fight this. We need donations to pay for a website, printing fliers, making signs and the like. Any donation will help.

Help us defeat Measure C. Donate whatever you can. We thank you. San Diego thanks you.



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