50 Year Old Nuke Plant Bites the Dust

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By Michael Steinberg / Black Rain Press

On May 20 Michigan newspaper The Holland Sentinel reported,”Pallisades Nuclear Plant Shuts Down 10 Days Early.”

The plant was scheduled to close for good on May 31, but, The Sentinel reported, plant owners “made a conservative decision” to pull the plug 10 days early due to “control rod seal” problem.

In other words, nobody wanted to spend another penny on the decrepit old nuke.

Located on Lake Michigan, Pallisades started up in 1971, meaning it released its reactor’s radiation into the lake and air of surrounding communities for 50 years.

As oft reported here, nuclear reactors were designed to operate for only 40 years.

Nor did Biden’s $6 billion bailout boondoggle come into play. Pallisades ended up as a piece of junk nobody wanted anymore.

Source: The Holland Sentinel, sentinel.com.

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