50 Year Old Nuke Plant Bites the Dust

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By Michael Steinberg / Black Rain Press

On May 20 Michigan newspaper The Holland Sentinel reported,”Pallisades Nuclear Plant Shuts Down 10 Days Early.”

The plant was scheduled to close for good on May 31, but, The Sentinel reported, plant owners “made a conservative decision” to pull the plug 10 days early due to “control rod seal” problem.

In other words, nobody wanted to spend another penny on the decrepit old nuke.

Located on Lake Michigan, Pallisades started up in 1971, meaning it released its reactor’s radiation into the lake and air of surrounding communities for 50 years.

As oft reported here, nuclear reactors were designed to operate for only 40 years.

Nor did Biden’s $6 billion bailout boondoggle come into play. Pallisades ended up as a piece of junk nobody wanted anymore.

Source: The Holland Sentinel, sentinel.com.

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sealintheselkirks October 9, 2022 at 10:31 am

Good article, many links to the science in article.

Nuclearism: Converging Disasters
Converging disasters: Unprecedented climate emergencies, methane leak from Nord Stream gas lines, interrupted energy supplies, wars — Kyoto-exempt military is the largest single global emitter of greenhouse gases, Ukraine nuclear reactors in the battle zone. Shock doctrine response: more nuclear reactors, more coal.
When do you know that too many people have died?



sealintheSelkirks December 16, 2022 at 3:36 pm

Four years ago we thought there just might be a little sanity left in a few politicians in California. Then they do this:


Why is it that the corporate MSM never ask the correct questions? And certainly rarely if ever do anything but skim the surface of a story? The stinking garbage that underlies these kinds of decisions on the part of politicians really should be what they are focusing on. They have, for the most part, have ceased being the ‘Fourth Estate’ as a watchdog and whistleblower of the government along with the wealthy powerful who control the politicians. Oh wait, 5 corporations own almost all of the MSM so…of course they don’t.

And the clowns in the federal gov that decided to okay this money should be tossed out on their ass. Instead they’ll probably get a raise or a promotion.

So this aging nuclear plant essentially sitting damn on top of a fault line on the ocean with another offshore a couple of miles that has the potential of a Fukushima Event. Which, by the way, is still spewing out of control from its three melted-down reactors but it definitely is out of the corporate news cycle so don’t worry your little head about it.

It could just as easily been Diablo Canyon, right?

That name is like…a major ironic are-you-kidding-me name don’t ya think? The ‘Devil’ nuclear plant. But then Fukushima; which means ‘fortune/good luck,’ ‘island’ is just as humorous, yes?

If we are unlucky, the former will become just as famous as the latter.



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