New COVID Numbers for San Diego County Don’t Lie

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kh May 20, 2022 at 2:48 pm

I just looked at the county dashboard for the first time in awhile.

Interesting stuff.

Total tests have are about 75,000/wk compared to 40,000 this time last year. Although that was a dip following months of very low spread. Test counts were about 130,000/wk last fall, peaking at 300,000/wk in January.
I expect generally if spread is down, and vaccinations increase, people are less likely to get tested.

Majority of the cases and deaths are in unvaxed people, about 4x, maybe 10x or more, per capita, and becoming even more imbalanced. Data there says incomplete. Maybe more unvaxed people are having to get regular tests? Idk.

Most interesting, is that per capital, unvaxed hospitalization (age 12+) is 5 persons per million. And vaxed hospitalizations is 2 persons per million. (And 3 per million for vax+boosted crowd.)

I was expecting a larger difference. It would be more interesting to see age-adjusted data because I’m pretty sure the vaxed crowd is more likely to be older and high risk, thus skewing that data.

Deaths among unvaxed is 3x higher per capita vs. vaxed. And it’s near zero for vaxed+boosted. That’s fantastic news that the boosters are working and the vast majority people have the tools they need to protect themselves, excluding of course the immunocompromised.


sealintheselkirks May 21, 2022 at 10:25 am

Yeah, people don’t seem to care because ‘it’s gone away like a miracle’ as one infamous politician predicted…but then he is a complete moron. DUH!

I know three people that are sicker than hell right now, self-tested at home so of course they are NOT in the gov figures. This is round two for two of them…

But it hasn’t. This has just been another lull is all. Duh again. The worst part of this is that we should know better, we have the science that the ancient Greeks didn’t have and KNOW how to break this pattern. But we don’t.

So here’s a link from a Scripp’s doc who did a wonderful job not saying out-loud what he was thinking. It was pretty obvious that he considers the US government a complete failure here. I agree with that thought. And the giddy citizens with no science background? Not a high standing, either.

Listen to the tone and watch the face because Omicron BA.2 is sidestepping vaccines, people! And is more infectious. BA.3 and BA.4 haven’t made it to the US yet…and they are WORSE.

This vid hopefully will feel like a slap in the face but pay attention to what he says is coming:

Why the fight against COVID appears to have stalled in the U.S.
May 16, 2022
Then there is this fun fact; at least 15 million dead worldwide and that figure is probably an undercount as I’ve read other reports that are saying 18-20 million:

Morbid Matters: Estimating COVID-19 Mortality
I have NOT taken off the N95, not been in a restaurant since Feb. 2020, Haven’t played music live since then, either. Yes this completely sucks. I have 21 on my dead list the youngest being a former snowboarding student and wildlands firefighter and she died in 3 weeks at age 39. I’m now hearing from folks about what they are dealing with this:

Experts perplexed over number of people getting long COVID
For those reading this that don’t understand the ‘Precautionary Principle’ I would suggest you look it up and really think about it.
My oldest grandpa Merle’s Pandemic in 1918? It’s still with us.

The modern flu is a direct descendant of the virus that caused the 1918 pandemic
Mapping past pandemics could help us prevent future ones.

Wear a mask, people. You don’t really want to be an extra in the movie Idiocracy II, the Revenge.



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