The Widder Curry Disses the Incitement of Violence at Hockey Games

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By Judi Curry

People that know me are aware that I enjoy most sports. I frequently went to the Chargers game – or Patriot’s games when I lived in Maine; I went to baseball games at Dodger Stadium since I was a little girl – a hundred years ago.  I attending Horse Racing all over California, Arizona and Maine; My grandkids played a variety of sports – rugby, soccer, softball, and a grandson was a wrestling champion not all that long ago. I attended their game/matches whenever I could. Every now and
then my husband and I would attend a Gulls Ice Hockey game, and it was enjoyed.

However, those same people that know about my enjoyment of those sports are now aware of my distaste for Ice Hockey. My problem is that Steve has season tickets to the Gulls game; his seats are one row back from the goal, and we have a practically unobstructed view of the game.

Perhaps that is some of the problem for me.  If Ice Hockey were the only thing played it would be great, in spite of the horribly uncomfortable seats with no leg room; the loud and obnoxious fans that sit next to me; the fear of the puck coming over the dirty plexi-glass and hitting me on the head, etc.

But there is one additional “game” being played that I find horrific – and that is the constant physical fighting that goes on amongst the players on opposing teams and the fans that are absolutely thrilled by the fisticuffs that are taking place.

I am sure that most of them do not go to the game to see the hockey match; rather they go to the game to see the fighting that takes place.  And I mean REAL fighting – like at a boxing match (which, if you notice, I did not list as the sporting events I like to attend.)  The difference is that the players are not wearing boxing gloves; the referees do not seem capable of stopping the fighting; and the penalties are merely a time-out in the box, which they probably like anyway, because ice hockey is a very active sport.

So, Curry, what’s the problem?

The problem is that there are many children that are attending these games with their parents. I would guess that hundreds of these children are under the age of 12, and they are encouraged by their parents and the fans surrounding them to encourage the hockey players to continue throwing their fists around.

The little kids bang on the glass, yelling in glee, egging on the fighting.  The noise level is higher than any cheer made for a Gulls goal throughout the entire game.  The fans yell out obscenities – and so do the youngsters. (I should point out that I am not a prude. I use my fair share of obscene words also – just not at a hockey game.  After all, I was a Jr. High School Principal!)

I think the biggest penalty I have seen for fighting was a 3 minute time-out.  I have not seen a fine; I have not seen anyone really get hurt; I have only seen the obnoxiousness of the fans.

And the fighting isn’t all I object to.

I object to the videos shown on the large screen in front of all of us.  For example, during a fight on the rink, shown on the screen was a copy of the “Will Smith vs Chris Rock” – not just once – but twice.  The crowd went wild.  Thought it was wonderful – and, at a subsequent game the video was shown again. I, personally, felt it was horrific; it sets a horrible example for the children in the audience, and is in extremely poor taste.  It is no different to me than it might be having a group of people watching a woman being raped and all of the people in the audience cheering the rapist on!  It is a horrible example of what is wrong with today’s society; serves no purpose, and gives license to violence.

There are many other things that are shown on the screen that I find offensive, and almost all of them are examples of violence. That is totally unnecessary at a Hockey game, and I have decided that I will not attend any more.  (True there is only one regularly scheduled game left this season, but the Gulls are in the playoffs and there might be other games held at Pechanga if they win their first round of games.)

However, I cannot tolerate the violence that is shown in a game that should not have any violence at all.  The fact that the players act like little children that can’t control their tempers; the fact that the audience eggs the fighting on; the fact that hundreds of children see the encouragement and may end up “practicing what they have seen from adults” is just more than I can justify in my own mind.

The fact that the PR people also encourage this violent type of behavior is unfathomable to me.  If I want to see a hockey match in the future I will go to the Crock center where Steve plays once a week, but unless there are big changes – which I doubt will happen – I will not be attending hockey matches with him next season.  (He will always have an extra season ticket. Let me know if you’d like to take my place.)


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judith curry April 26, 2022 at 11:52 am

One more “video” that I forgot to mention to get the audience riled up is the slogan – “REF YOU SUCK”. Just imagine an arena with 10,000 people yelling
“Ref you Suck!” Sick!


Chris April 26, 2022 at 1:52 pm

The most violent hockey league I learned about (a few years ago) is “La Ligue Nord Américaine de Hockey (LNAH)”. It’s a small regional league in the province of Quebec. Most of the towns these teams are based out of are working class blue collar. The overwhelming majority of the fans and players are French speaking and the majority of players have day jobs. Most do not have college degrees and don’t have a high opinion for people who do. From interviews I’ve seen (easy to find on YouTube), these players and many fans grew up on skates and fighting/brawling was also a normal part of their life. They take great pride in this “old time” style of hockey. Also the fact that many outside of this find it repulsive is something they sort of wear as a badge of honor. The idea of it is that it’s based on how hockey used to be in its beginnings.

The level of hockey itself is pretty low as they are the first to admit.


Jeffeck April 26, 2022 at 2:49 pm

Sounds like you went to a fight and Hockey game broke out. LOL


Hank Ramírez April 26, 2022 at 5:51 pm

And yet no comment about the murderous treatment of horses used in horse racing in this state! There were 71 deaths of horses at the races reported in 2021 in California! How about speaking against that?!?!?!


Judi April 26, 2022 at 8:40 pm

I did, several years ago


Marc Snelling April 29, 2022 at 9:23 pm

Not ice hockey, not a match, no 3 minute “timeouts”.

Its hockey. Its a game. Penalties are 2, 5, 10 minute, game misconduct and suspension.

For decades the number of fights in professional hockey have dropped. It has dropped dramatically in the last ten years to hsitoric lows.

Players who fight are heavily penalized. San Diego Gull Chad Wagner was the most penalized WCHL player ever. 521 penalty minutes in a 43 game season in 98-99. He was later suspended for life from the UHL for fighting.


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