Judi Curry: ‘We Stopped by Wendy’s on Midway and Wish We Hadn’t’

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Editordude: Judi and her friend Steve stopped by Wendy’s on Midway Drive on their way to a Gulls’ game the other night. They wish they hadn’t. Judi submitted this as a “restaurant review,” but it’s hardly that – Judi only ordered a Vanilla Frosty (which they didn’t have) but Steve got his order. Here, then, are Judi’s thoughts:

By Judi Curry

I have only reviewed a fast food restaurant once in my career of being a food critic.  That was because of exceptional service at the Jack in the Box on Voltaire and I felt they needed to be recognized.

The other night, on the way to the Gulls Hockey game, Steve and I decided to stop off at Wendy’s (3760 Midway Drive) and purchase something to eat in the parking lot before the game.  We frequently do this because the food at Pechanga is very expensive; they don’t take cash; and we would rather eat in the car in a parking lot than in the arena itself.

After looking at the menu, I decided I would like to have only a Vanilla Frosty because I wasn’t very hungry.  Steve ordered a $5 Bacon Double Stack “Biggie” Bag complete with the Bacon Double Stack burger, 4 pieces of chicken nuggets, fries and a drink.  Quite a bargain for the money – IF the food was good.  And if they had it.

When I ordered the Vanilla Frosty I was told they were all out of Vanilla Frosties (?) and the only one available was chocolate.  I didn’t want a chocolate one and so I passed.

Steve received his entire order, and in the long run, wished they had been out of that also.  Although the hamburger was fair – not real warm and the bread dry, the French fries were mushy, cold, and in spite of them saying there is no grease, my fingers were coated with oil (or some such thing) after only 3 of them.  ICK! There was no “crisp” in those fries.  The chicken nuggs – guess you can’t call them nuggets – were also cold, soft, and mushy. The only thing that I might have tasted again was the BBQ sauce that came with the chicken, and even that tasted a lot like soap. The large Sprite was cold and icy – the best thing of the meal!

I used to go to Wendy’s a lot.  I liked their frosty’s; I liked their square hamburgers.  With the advent of other fast food restaurants like “In and Out” I stopped going to Wendy’s.  I should never have gone back, and I doubt if I ever will again.  A cheap meal, but not worth the bag it was in.

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judith curry March 25, 2022 at 1:00 pm

But you have to remember that I tasted everything Steve ordered – and received!


Frank Gormlie March 25, 2022 at 3:36 pm

You poor girl!


Frank F March 25, 2022 at 1:07 pm

I love the food at Wendy’s on Midway! BTW, the fries are not meant to be fried stiff, they are just as you described. To each his or her own!!


retired botanist March 25, 2022 at 3:22 pm

No offense meant at all, but this seems more of a “yelp” comment than a restaurant review. I think, as Frank sort of pointed out above, when it comes to fast food and chains, folks are gonna do/go what they want. And any fast food, as take out, is going to be cold by the time it gets anywhere else. Just very little to mull over here; cost, quality, ambience. Hope your next food venture has more substance :-)


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