The Winds of Change Will Still Blow

by on February 11, 2022 · 2 comments

in Civil Rights, From the Soul

by Ernie McCray

Here we stand today.
Black folks in the USA.
Still dealing with the same old same old.
It’s like a form of employment,
a job with very little pay.

But the winds of change will still blow.

Even with such as
the “N” word episodes
on a popular podcast show,
the winds of change will still blow.
No matter the state of affairs
wherein Black folks
are having a hard time
becoming a head coach,
the winds of change will still blow.

There might be a belief
that a Black woman
sitting on a bench in the highest court of the land
could mean that she
might be “under-qualified”
but that won’t cause the winds of change
to subside
because those who know
the difference between the truth and a lie
would tell you
that to reach such a position
the “Sista”
would have to, in America, be
the Michael Jordan
of the judiciary,
her resume aglow
with praise
and accomplishments pure as the driven snow.

The winds of change will not only blow
but will overcome
the mirror image of 2021
that’s going on
as the White supremacist segments of our society
rise up against them,
desperately trying to remain the “majority,”
their grievances fueled and fanned
by the leader of their band,
an anarchist ex-president
who has caught them up
in his own winds,
savage whirlwinds
that spin dizzying lies
and acts of sedition
that just won’t die,
calling on them
to take on
the “racist Black prosecutors,”
who have their eyes on him,
if they do anything that he deems to be wrong.

And this will linger a while before it’s gone.

But the name of the song
is “The Winds of Change will Still Blow”
and how powerful
and how long they blow
will be determined by how many of us love our country enough
to go
with its flow.

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Mat Wahlstrom February 12, 2022 at 9:52 pm



Thomas Gayton February 14, 2022 at 1:33 pm

RIGHT ON! The Winds of Change still blow the legacy of slavery!


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