It’s Anti-Insurrection Week at the OB Rag – 1 Year Anniversary and No One of Significance Has Been Brought to Account for This Treason

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It’s anti-insurrection week at the OB Rag.

One year ago this week, Trump instigated an attempt at a violent coup and thousands of his supporters laid siege to the Capitol while the Presidential election was being certified.

Over the course of the next few days, we plan to acknowledge the anniversary of this act of treason and review what the status is of the Big Lie. I’ve asked Rag writers to focus on the insurrection and what it means for us today in any of their blog writings and posts for the week.

Here are some major points worthy of note (in the coming days we’re examine many of these with accompany links and evidence):

  • In the year since the insurrection, no one of any significance has been brought to account for the act of treason, despite plenty of evidence that shows high-level planning and coordination of the riotous siege of our democracy.
  • Yes, hundreds of rioters have been arrested; plenty of low-level individuals have been charged, some convicted and already in jail.
  • Since the day of insurrection, the general bi-partisan Congressional revulsion of the siege has evaporated.
  • However, a bi-partisan House panel has been investigating the insurrection and the panel is about to go “public” with their findings to date.
  • Yet, a number of former trump and White House officials are not cooperating with the panel.
  • But the Coup continues at the states’ levels where GOP-trumpists are manipulating how states report election results – and much more.
  • There’s lots of dire warnings of a coming civil war, coup and continued insurrection for America from generals, admirals, academicians, and political observers.
  • Many view January 6 last year as “a rehearsal” for the real thing the next time.
  • There’s been critiques and reforms of the Capitol Police and the DC National Guard since the failure of law enforcement at the Capitol siege.
  • There’s evidence that trump people stalled or delayed the response by police and Guard.
  • Also evidence abounds that shows high-level White House, GOP coordination of the insurrection including the participation by some far-right Congressional republicans.
  • Blue-prints were conjured up even before the November 2020 election by far-right strategists to hold a coup.
  • Many in the Republican Party to this day don’t accept that Joe Biden won the election; the Big Lie is strong within the GOP, displayed by numerous polls.
  • The far-right is planning to commemorate the 6th in DC; leftist groups are also planning protests around the country and in DC on the 6th.

It was a year ago, a day after the insurrection, that I wrote:

It’s difficult writing anything today after watching 16 hours of TV yesterday, trying to be a witness to the fully-anticipated attempt at a coup by Trump and his supporters – one of the darkest days in American history.

But the main thing that comes to mind is that Trump and those who instigated the attempt at a fascist coup yesterday on the citadel of liberty, the Capitol, need to be held accountable for what they did.

Read no further if you’re bothered by the term “fascist” here as I’m not going to spend time trying to justify the use of the word to describe Trump and his cohorts.

And plenty of pundits and politicians have already called what happened Wednesday, January 6th – a day of infamy – a “coup” and “insurrection.” Why, newly-elected President Joe Biden used those terms just today. He also called the mob that stormed the Capitol, “domestic terrorists.”

The terrorists, the insurrectionists, the mob, the fascist crowd – packed with Proud Boys, Qanon supporters, white nationalists, Klan supporters – have to be held accountable. They tried to take over our government and disrupt the business of Congress – making the final certification of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ election.

It is unbelievable that a year later, no one of significance has been held accountable for creating one of the darkest days in American history.

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Frank Gormlie January 4, 2022 at 12:36 pm

This stuff is hard to wrap your brain around, especially as we’re trying to deal with the 4th wave of COVID. San Diego is so far-flung from DC, ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ Just remember that Proud Boy members who were at the DC insurrection were also right here in Pacific Beach not too long after. And how can we forget, there were at least 2 “OBceans” at the insurrection as well.


Frank Gormlie January 4, 2022 at 7:13 pm

As a writer, blogger and editor of a progressively-run online platform, I have to express my concerns that this post only had 21 hits over an 8-hour period. Why is that? Is it because our readers are getting their national news and insurrection updates from cable news and major newspapers? ‘We don’t need the Rag to inform about that stuff, we already get the news.’ That I hope. Or is it because it’s all too negative; it’s all bad news? how can we focus on this when we’re trying to stay healthy, get COVID tests? Or is it because ‘it’s not local’ news? Or is it because the ‘coup talk’ is about an election years off in the future? Or is it why would we rely on a small-time blog like the Rag for important news as this?

Whatever the reason, our readers need to understand how a coup that would destroy democracy in America almost occurred and how those who plotted the one a year ago are trying to ensure they don’t make the same mistakes again.

Please, if you would, let me know what you think about this.


Jay-bird January 4, 2022 at 11:51 pm

Editordude: your rage and frustration is palpable. I know there are many of us in the “Ragosphere” (sic) who are just completely overwhelmed with the barrage of the unfathomable shitstorm. I just viewed Frontline on KPBS “American Insurrection”. Here’s the link:


Jay-Bird January 5, 2022 at 12:33 am

I’m not a big fan of “cancel culture”. However – by not mentioning names of local folks who participated in the insurrection helps to dispell a sense of “martyrdom”. Fortunately, one of those un-named terrorists are being represented as a Lakeside resident (surprise)? The press will do what they do…It’s great that there is a downplay of the fact that that person actually lived in O.B. It is unfortunate that we now have to resort to euphemisms : i.e; TFG because we get a feeling of dread if we utter the name. Just Sayin’.


Sam January 4, 2022 at 11:38 pm

I think people are too afraid to speak up about the domestic terrorists and too tired to figure out how to subvert them. I for one still can’t believe what we witnessed a year ago, it’s all so surreal. The trumplicans are supposed to be the law and order crowd, yet they abandoned the constitution over nothing more than an empty promise from a cynical, two bit, orange faced carnival barker who has done nothing to help the very people who worship the ground he walks on.

I wonder if the apathy is a byproduct of the hopelessness that seems to permeate the collective progressive psyche. All of us knowing, but not willing to admit, that this shitshow is going to start all over again come 2024 when drumpf wins the next election. I think it’s just too much for people to handle.

I’ll weep for my children tonight…


bobo January 5, 2022 at 10:13 am

Thank you Frank and OB Rag staff for compiling these. I’ve been digesting a lot from the national media on this (my preferred news sources other than the ‘Rag for local news is NPR, BBC, AP, and The Guardian) but I appreciate the take from the Rag. Keep up the great work!


James January 5, 2022 at 4:06 pm

Editor–OB Rag.
I am sadly shocked to read your opinions on last years January 6th protests in Washington D.C.
I went to college in San Diego back in the 60’s and truly enjoyed the openness and interest in current events that many residents embraced in Ocean Beach at that time. Tumultuous ideas were indeed the norm, what with Vietnam, the Draft and higher education reform being at the forefront of topics discussed. Still most discussions on campus revolved around the themes of “classical liberalism” wherein Classical Liberalism grew out of the 17th-century Age of Reason and the 18th-century Enlightenment. This was a period when,amongst others:
• Western culture broke its long-held faith in the presumptive and everlasting authority of the past, and embraced instead the notion that human beings were capable of progressing beyond the knowledge and insights of ancient scholars and writers;
• skepticism gained unprecedented prestige, making it acceptable to doubt every tenet of conventional wisdom or tradition that could not be readily justified by a valid criterion of truth
• legislators, philosophers and the common man alike endeavored to devise better ways of governing and of treating their fellow citizens;
• the culture came to believe that “natural” human motivations such as the pursuit of happiness — which eventually would be enshrined in the Declaration of Independence — were every bit as constant and predictable as the natural laws that governed the orbits of the planets;
• the West came to understand that each person’s knowledge and beliefs were limited to his experiences and surroundings, a realization that promoted tolerance for other cultures, faiths, and worldviews;
Sadly, the OBRag is not progressive, nor is it even ‘liberal. It has somehow morphed into a extremist leftist publication that unfortunately rejects the basic tenets of classical liberalism and echos the totalitarian screed of regressive thought.
I therefore respectfully refer you to the United States Constitution’s “Bill of Rights” (Amendments I-X) to which I urge you to read, study and comprehend the importance of such concerning every American Citizen. (including yourselves)
Signed: An American Citizen.


Frank Gormlie January 5, 2022 at 6:53 pm

Okay. Don’t know what else to say.


Joni Halpern January 5, 2022 at 7:42 pm

I commend James for his sweeping survey of “classical liberalism,” but I too lived in San Diego during the 60s, attending college and working. SDSU was one of the quietest campuses insofar as it concerned the great debate about the Vietnam War, the draft, and the themes of “classical liberalism.” Of course, I did not live in OB then. Most of us at SDSU were commuter students trying to get through college on meager funds from jobs and student loans. One of the common complaints among students I knew back then was that they never had time to experience the college life of which you spoke, the long, leisurely inquiries into liberalism’s break with the past, the attenuated discussions that might finally lead to a “realization that promoted tolerance for other cultures, faiths and worldview,” and the development of skepticism sufficient to create doubt in “every tenet of conventional wisdom or tradition that could not be readily justified by a valid criterion of truth.” All of those features, as well as other less tolerant ideas certainly were part of the mosaic of 60s thought among the young, but the entire process that created that mosaic resulted in a statewide backlash that elected Ronald Reagan as governor, S.I. Hayakawa as Senator, and several other representatives of anti-liberalism power who won their seats on the promise that they knew how to handle the errant youth of the day. You are right that the era of doubt generated in the 60s, and even into the early 70s, broke through the hardened crust of mainstream American thought, but it was not the only influence, and its incitement and impact varied across the country. The OB Rag has invited its readers to consider, among other things, how this very important discourse you describe might never take place again if the assault on our Constitution and our voting rights is no longer aimed at the intractable ideas that supported intolerant power in the past, but instead, is directed at the destroying the “valid criterion of truth.”


Frank Gormlie January 5, 2022 at 8:28 pm

Joni, you unearthed some memories – as I too was a college student in San Diego during the late sixties. And as I will show in my upcoming book about the May 1970 Rebellion, San Diego State did indeed have an active anti-war movement – as did UCSD, my campus. Students from both campuses and from the smaller colleges in the area organized a huge, massive anti-war protest along Catalina Blvd in front of NEL, the Naval Electronics Lab; thousands turned out. It was a non-violent blockade of the Lab’s entrance and tied up the street for hours, delaying hundreds of defense workers access for much of the day.


Frank Gormlie January 6, 2022 at 8:38 am

I wanted to add more about this “classical liberalism” rant. Classical liberalism begot us the Vietnam war, a war economy, a white supremacy system called Jim Crow and the systematic suppression of women’s rights.

Thank god there was a social and cultural revolt against classical liberalism in the 1960s and 1970s.

Classical liberalism arose, as it was needed at the time, during the rise of capitalism, and helped shake off the shackles of feudalism and the aristocracies that smothered Europe. But after centuries, its limits became very apparent in the middle of the 20th century. A critique developed and alternatives blossomed.


James January 6, 2022 at 12:20 pm

Mr. Gormlie:
Sorry to read your ‘critic’ of classic liberalism i.e. “begot us the Vietnam war, a war economy, a white supremacy system called Jim Crow and the systematic suppression of women’s rights. “. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your assumptions are todays ‘talking points’ of the extremist far-left which have unfortunently hijacked classic liberalism’s appreciation of individual mankind.
Just as we experienced in the 60’s, within the SDS movement, they were taken over by the likes of Bill Ayres, Anglie Davis, and Herbert Marcusa.
There is a difference between liberals and leftists. Unfortunently, the leftists have taken over the mindset of the Democratic Party.
The most known movements inside the leftist side of politics these days are: Marxism, anarchism, social democracy, socialism, communism, the labor movement, syndicalism, feminist movement, LGBT rights movement, civil rights movement, the anti-war movement, environmental movement; whereas; liberal people believe that private property, capitalism, hierarchy, individualism, market economy, democracy, secularism, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, civil rights, and human rights are good things.
Therefore, care must be applied whenever various ‘talking points’ are used to skew a conversation. Are you speaking from a ‘liberal’ point of view or a ‘leftists’ point of view.
I say this because I believe strongly that in todays politics:
“Inside Every Progressive Is A Totalitarian Screaming To Get Out” just listen to what they say and mean.
Best regards.


Geoff Page January 6, 2022 at 8:22 pm

James, you wrote:

“liberal people believe that private property, capitalism, hierarchy, individualism, market economy, democracy, secularism, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, civil rights, and human rights are good things.”

What an incredible mish-mash of ideas. From the word freedom on, I can agree but I would not agree that leftists don’t hold those same things as sacred. But, before the word freedom…

Liberals believe in capitalism? Where did you get that one? Secularism? You do know that many people of a liberal bent are also religious, right? I don’t know what you meant by hierarchy but I don’t like the sound of it.

And what you wrote about leftists was an even worse mish-mash.

“Marxism, anarchism, social democracy, socialism, communism, the labor movement, syndicalism, feminist movement, LGBT rights movement, civil rights movement, the anti-war movement, environmental movement.”

The first five things you list are all very different ethoses, seems hard to believe that leftists are that scattered. Was it too difficult to pick one?

Everything else you listed are things liberals agree with. If you think those things are radical ideas only the far left holds dear, you are sorely out of touch with the world. And, if you think The Rag is Far Left, you really are out of touch and haven’t been paying attention.


phillip dupre January 5, 2022 at 6:47 pm

People, you cannot really believe that Trump is anywhere smart enough or capable enough to plan the Jan. 6th insurrection. No, he is not smart to tie his own shoes. There must be a dark cabal of intelligent but sinister people “handling” him. Who are the puppet masters?; is the question, isn’t it.


Frank Gormlie January 5, 2022 at 8:30 pm

Hopefully, Phillip, in the days, weeks and months ahead, we’ll find out. We already have some good ideas. But I disagree with you here; Trump still needs to be held accountable no matter what level of brain power you think he has.


Chris January 6, 2022 at 9:41 am

I don’t think anyone is implying he actually sat down and planned and plotted the whole thing out. His words and smug attitude was definitely an inspiration. I can’t say for sure if he knew how far it would go, but when it did there was some inner satisfaction and delight.


Sorry not Sorry January 6, 2022 at 11:05 am

I disagree Chris. While I don’t believe Cheeto Jesus has the smarts to “plan” all the events that happened that day, I would say that many of his advisors knew that some shenanigans were going to take place that day after a rally. I also believe that as that lowlife sat our Oval Office watching those events take place, he was hoping it would have gotten much worse. It’s been show time and again, it’s his way or he will burn it to the ground.


Frances O'Neill Zimmerman January 5, 2022 at 9:59 pm

I think we need to chill, take heart and persevere in our convictions. The Attorney General of the United States today has promised a full investigation and prosecution of the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol to subvert Congress from certifying the election of President Biden.

The Rioters were actively interfering in the peaceful transfer of power from one President to the next. They were incited by a Trump speech and executed plans set up in advance by Trump’s minions.The wholesale denial of these facts by the GOP, witnessed by millions across the world, is a sign of utter desperation. We need to have confidence that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Liz Cheney (R-WY) and their investigative committee are not going to leave a stone unturned until the full truth of January 6 is made plain. Then the AG will mount prosecutions. Justice takes time. Good people need to keep faith that Justice will be served.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on our our own corrupt local politics (see Norma
Damasheck’s searing report on recent “redistricting” chicanery and San Diego’s leadership vacuum of the last 30+ years.) Resolve to work for essential campaign finance reform to get money out of politics — all politics, including Democratic Party politics. Send your cash to support the OB
Rag’s valiant local journalism or to another worthy cause. Did you know the poorest people in the USA are Native Americans living in Pine Ridge, South Dakota? Send their Oglala Lakota community college a few bucks.


sealintheSelkirks January 6, 2022 at 12:25 pm

I’ve had to think on this request a few days. And Frank, you know I get wordy! So here goes:

Why is it a surprise that nobody of significance has been held accountable? Did Reagan get nailed for Iran/Contra or supporting the murderous terrorists? Did HWbush for his support and friendship with Panama’s Noriega? Did Wbush and Cheney get charged for literally lying their way into the US committing War Crimes on Iraq by neoliberal conservative Obama?

This is what Empire’s do. And we wonder why the people in the US are so violent? Just doing what our leaders do!

I have a different take on this because I compare this RW Coup to the ongoing collapse of the climate that is accelerating as quickly as the Omicron variant is infecting. Fascism hit its infection point finally.

The rise of violent Fascism has been slow but it’s always been in this country especially among the wealthy who are funding this entire coup. Remember the 1934 Wall St banker Fascist coup that including the father and grandfather of two recent presidents. Quite a history this country has flirting with this ideology. If it had succeeded we would have aligned with Italy, Germany, and Spain and WWII would have turned out very different I suspect… Both my grandfathers were Republican voters but they both were Anti-Fascist and used a gun for years to prove it in WWII. I would imagine that they would be appalled at what their political party has become.

And who funded Fascism in Europe? The wealthy industrialists and bankers who stood to make a very fine profit on their control of the economies and the workers. Same people as in the US now (and around the world think Brazil, Philippines, etc etc).

Three different terrible events are going on simultaneously. Overloads the 5 second attention span that the media has weaned the US on through decades of TV and now the far more insidious cellphones (which are NOT smart, I refuse to call them that). And the extremely profitable privately-owned corporations of so-called Social Media and all the others called the MSM. All have authoritarian roots if you dig deep enough.

And think what are the ‘blockbuster movies’ coming out of Hollywood about? 1930s pulp! Comic book superheroes that were written explicitly for eight year olds full of violence makes right and ‘heroes’ always win crap.

And all of this is multi-generational subliminal teaching in this country. Learned behavior, and what the government does around the world to ‘others’ also teaches this below consciousness to us all. Every single president the US has ever had can be considered a war criminal for their actions. All of them. To point this truth out you are labeled ‘cancel culture’ or a commie or a traitor or told you ‘hate’ America.

It’s not about being afraid to speak up, or maybe more correctly not just about being targeted by violent US Nazi brownshirt killers. And they are killers, human history shows no doubts about that with our primate species.

This is all deep into the subconscious, unable to be brought up into the cognitive and acted on. And, of course, generations of being trained out of critical thinking skills has a lot to do with there being so little of that in evidence in our general population. Cognitive dissonance is real, I’ve seen it. Not having any knowledge of history just mythical feel-good propaganda makes this even worse. Magical thinking, and these violent rioters are people who make decisions based on anecdotes!

I have lived in a deeply Republican low economic/low education rural mountain county for the last 18 years. Ten years previous in another rural N. California mountain town that was pretty much Republican (Mt. Shasta), and six years before that attending Utah State U completely surrounded by people whose political and religious outlooks made me a pariah and their enemy. In Utah it was accepted that I was going to hell; there was no doubt in their minds, and here it’s the same kind of cult thinking with the Fundamentalist/Trump conservative minds. But neither place saw themselves that way. Truth as I see it!

There are always good people scattered around one can find but this country has always been conservative in far too many ways while being very unwilling to accept new ideas.

Democrats don’t get elected here to any office much less semi-Socialist or any truly left-leaning populists. They don’t even bother to run because what would be the point? Most of the time when a ballot comes there are Republicans vying with other Republicans about who can be the most extremist, or only one name on the ballot for the office. And that name is always GOP. The largest town is the county seat 40 miles north of my property has a population of 4,800 in a county with 40,000 total stretching from north of Spokane to Canada. The kids get out of high school and move the hell away for the most part. The smart ones do anyway.

I do know a LOT of people around here, or they know me or of me being as I’m a rather gregarious old OB surfer dude. The local town 10-page weekly paper has published articles on what I’ve had recently published along with my letters to the editor saying what the publisher wishes he could say and can’t without being run out of town (he’s told me this). I’ve given many and their children free snowboard lessons on the local hill, have been a recognizable fixture on the hill being the longest riding snowboarder up there, and the last few years that has shifted to their grandkids. I’ve taught Kenpo to some, played music in local bar jams from Loon Lake to Valley to Kettle Falls and up at the ski resort bar and at town fairs like Rice Fest and Colville Rendezvous along with parties and gatherings (pre-Covid). I’ve delivered furniture from the local 2nd hand to their homes for over a decade and helped get the stuff inside their homes, or picked up what they wanted to donate or consign. I may not remember their names as I’ve always been bad about connecting faces to names but they remember mine and I get hellos from people often as I skate past them while on my weekly trip to Chewelah for mail and other errands.

And living where I have the last 30 years I came to realize that there has always been a percentage of citizens that can keep a job but really never could think in multi-syllable words or frame their thoughts other than very superficially. Complex thought doesn’t work but they are still functional. We’ve all met or know people like this. There has always been politicians in office that think like this, too. These people are easily controlled, easy to manipulate. Unfortunately easy to anger given a target.

People are not born equal in any respect, that is a ridiculous myth. Except in one way; when we primates get scared or angry (and all the subset-linked emotions), our thinking centers short out.

It’s the powerlessness people are feeling, the absolute inability think they can make any damned difference.

And to put it in another way, it’s exactly like the powerlessness that these Fascist brownshirts are feeling and acting out over. These people grew up completely indoctrinated about the ‘american way of life’ as if it was carved in stone in their minds. And since the wealthy bank owner Wall Street crash in 1929 and WWII, their g-grandparents and grandparents and maybe parents, too, for that matter, had ‘middle class’ union jobs. That the term ‘middle class’ was designed to separate the different levels of being poor from one another; make them fight over the scraps of privilege the wealthy trickled down on their heads in order to distract them from their real enemies who were (AND ARE) pulling the strings and still impoverishing them and their families. In their lifetimes (35-45 years) they have watched the so-called ‘good’ paying jobs absolutely disappear under every single president with nothing but crap service jobs to replace them. They are trapped and see no way out, and they need someone to blame, some superhero to come swooping down to save them.

It was during Republican President Reagan that the wealthy that own the corporations doubled down on ‘offshoring for increased profit’ while he just destroyed the unions. Remember the unsafe conditions reasons behind the air traffic controller’s strike? Reagan smash the union. And the wealthy who benefited named an airport after him.

This is a repeat of post-WWI German economics which gave rise to Fascism. And as I think about and write this I see the fracture splitting wider and wider every day. I cannot think of any way to fix this division.

Which leads to this:

Thousands of people took to the streets of Amsterdam to protest against COVID restrictions

Note: The comments show this behavior is definitely not just in the US.

Trump called her an ‘incredible woman,’ but Ashli Babbitt was a Q-nut with a violent past
And this popped up this afternoon:

Campaign Aims to Bar All Jan. 6 Insurrectionists—Including Trump—From Future Public Office

“We are urging election officials to make clear that insurrectionists such as President Trump and his congressional allies are barred from ever again holding public office, as is required under the 14th Amendment.”



Chris January 6, 2022 at 4:23 pm

Off topic but I gotta ask Seal, why did you move to and remain in an area where the majority of the populace is so completely opposite of you politically and morally ? I can understand attending U of U because getting into college is complicated, but you chose to live in what you’ve described as very very red backwards and low educated in many other posts. So why? Seems that if one knowingly moved to an area like that then they have to kind of take the lumps and like it.


sealintheSelkirks January 7, 2022 at 10:37 am

Definitely off topic!

Like everything connected with our species, it’s complicated with multiple reasons including being a mountain surfer, having a snowboard gear-specific sew shop, wanting to move back north into better powder-snow zones than NorCal and was looking across the northern tier of states for a place. Separated earlier and filed for divorce. Mountain ski areas are almost exclusively right wing rural so why should they get to be the only ones living in incredibly beautiful places? And by 2004 I knew Cheney & Wbush were going to crash the economy and really wanted to get ready for it. I was warning friends and family, 2 families read the documentation I sent and by 2007 were also out of debt, no mortgage like me, and neither were hurt badly by the Wall St-caused housing crash. It’s amazing how little one can live on without that or paying ever-increasing rent! $2,000 month for a freaking 1-bedroom apartment? Are you kidding me?

I don’t see stars at night, I see the center of our galaxy as a huge paintbrush of brilliant smeared light. The sky is full of 10,000s of stars like being far out at sea. No human lights, no city glare, utterly stunning at times.

Not trying to sell you one but you’d have to read my book published to get a more thorough grasp of another reason; I knew this property the moment I drove through the gate…hard to describe that.



sealintheselkirks February 4, 2022 at 6:23 pm

Jan 6th was “Legitimate Political Discourse” says RNC today. The Republicans have declared themselves the enemy or am I reading this wrong? And their followers have lots of guns and most if not all cops on their side. We are in DEEP trouble here, folks.



James February 6, 2022 at 12:21 pm

Yes, you are reading the winds incorrectly. Be aware of the the upcoming “shellacking’ the Democrat Marxist will receive this coming November.
PS” CNN & MSNBC are failed news organizations. They just cannot speak the truth. (About anything)


sealintheselkirks February 6, 2022 at 1:42 pm

Ummm, James, WHAT Democrat Marxist are you talking about? I don’t know of a single politician in the US federal government that would even come anywhere near qualifying as an actual Socialist much less as a follower of Karl Marx.

Please don’t say Bernie Sanders. He’s not, he’s just an old-style FDR/unions guy. There just aren’t any such animals allowed to run for high office in this country much less get needed high dollar funding. Certainly nothing in the two political party corporations we are stuck with allows for any other party to become viable.

Repeat after me: Socialism is for the wealthy; bail-outs and subsidies and tax cuts are part and parcel of their ownership of US politics. Capitalism is for the rest of us so the wealthy can continue their never-ending quest for squeezing out ever-higher profits wherever possible regardless of the damage such behavior does. Iceland sent its bankers to prison over 2008, Wbush and Obama bailed them out instead. Now that’s socialism, baby, just not the kind we need.

And can you tell me of ANY corporate news for-profit business that doesn’t censor or distort? I certainly can’t think of a single one. Some are far worse than others but all do it.

But there are occasionally reporters that just get tired of the lies and snarl back like the outburst from the AP guy the other day questioning the US Ukraine report and comparing it to Wbush WMD crap. That was refreshing to hear. A reporter with a memory! Like Helen Thoma years ago. Very unusual but nice to hear now and then.



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