Get Out. Wherever You Are. Get Outside.

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in Ocean Beach, San Diego

Sail Boat training Shelter Island/La Playa by Colleen O’Connor

By Colleen O’Connor

The best medicine for whatever ails us in politics, sports, business or any unsettling news, is to get outside.

Somehow, some way, either drive, walk, or stare outside.  Let the air circulate and breathe.

Seriously, the maladies confronting the planet, from extreme weather; “cryptocurrency” collapse, possible war with Russia, to COVID inflations, school closures and non-stop violence, (that dominate the news) are omnipresent and devastating.

San Diego Botanical Gardens Greenhouse by Colleen O’Connor

To mitigate the bad, find the good.  There is lots of it where we live; among the people, places and things that surround us.

So, get outside and find that good.  It is the healthiest and best action you can take.

San Diego sunrise by John M Williams

Drive.  Walk.  Or just gaze at the beauty around us.

San Diego Botanical Gardens Topiary by Colleen O’Connor

Shore birds along the water by Colleen O’Connor

San Diego storm clouds by John M Williams


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