Teacher Walk-Out at High Tech High School in Point Loma

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Apparently, on Wednesday 15 teachers and three education specialists walked out of their classrooms at High Tech Middle School in Point Loma.

Teachers have recently formed a union called the High Tech Education Collective and have been in contentious meetings with the administration over pay, late paychecks and other issues.

The CEO of the schools had a meeting with staff on Wednesday before school started and it did not go well.

The school claimed the walk-out was an “unlawful work stoppage” and that school kids were left unattended

The CEO of the schools had a meeting with staff before school started and it did not go well.

News8 reported that in an Instagram post on Tuesday, the Collective posted an update from their meeting talking about how some schools are being impacted by resignations, lack of subs, burnout, and beyond.

“While we are continuing to urge the administration to come to the bargaining table to address these issues, we want to gather concrete data on where and how staff is being impacted.”

A parent forwarded News 8 the following email they received from two teachers at High Tech Middle, who are resigning. In the emails, Mr. Luz and Ms. Brooke express their love for teaching and explained their resignation was not their students’ fault but the HTH education system.

“Dear Families,
We are writing to share some important and difficult news with you. We (Mr. Luz and Ms. Brooke) have made the incredibly challenging decision to resign from our teaching positions at High Tech Middle. This means that we will not be returning to our positions after Winter Break.”

Ultimately, we have come to this decision because our students deserve an education system that prioritizes them and gives teachers the necessary resources to support all students. We have pleaded with central leadership at the HTH organizations to give us more support and resources, but the organization has failed to respond to our pleas. Without these supports, we are unable to meet the needs of our students and support them in the ways that we know that they deserve.”

In October the union posted about the school addressing late paychecks.

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sealintheSelkirks December 9, 2021 at 8:34 pm

When education turns into a ‘ for profit business’ you get the same results as turning any government agency into a ‘for profit’ business; disaster.

We should know better but obviously a significant segment of society doesn’t learn. Or are profiting from!

Like the Post Office; I just received my bill for the little shop PO box in town…which if it isn’t a typo has tripled since last year to nearly $300. I’ll find out tomorrow. The alternative is to risk major theft of mail from the rural county gravel road mailbox that happens frequently along with baseball bat or being run over for fun.

Thanks DeJoy you joyless ass. Biden is taking far too long to fire the corrupt wanker and boot his ass out the door.



Frank Gormlie December 13, 2021 at 2:20 pm

I understand teachers at the charter school have no rights and can be – and have – been fired at a moment’s notice.


kh December 13, 2021 at 4:41 pm

No rights? That’s called at-will employment. And it goes for both the employer and employee. Most workers in the U.S. fall under these rules.


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