Recommended Improvements for Ebers Street, Collier and Spray Street Parks in Ocean Beach

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Editordude: This is the second part of our series of the proposed changes and improvement to OB’s seven parks by the Ocean Beach Planning Board Parks Subcommittee. (Here is the original presentation document.)

Ebers Street Park

This family-focused pocket park adjacent to the Ocean Beach Recreation Center is in need of updates to support the health and safety of the many local children that use the playground and grassy area.

Set in the midst of a family neighborhood and across the street from Ocean Beach Elementary School, this park is highly utilized by local children and their caregivers.

Requested improvements at Ebers Street Park include:

  • fencing around the play structures to prevent children running into the street,
  • shade structures over play equipment,
  • recreation options for older children (i.e. climbing wall),
  • water bottle fill station,
  • solar powered lighting,
  • a community garden partnered with the local seed library, and
  • a community message board.

Collier Park

Tucked into a quiet neighborhood, Collier Park is utilized by local residents as a connection to the nearby Native Plant Garden and would benefit from expanded amenities to increase interaction with and enjoyment of natural spaces.

Proposed Improvements

This park would be greatly benefited by:

  • an all-weather picnic pavilion,
  • the addition of a nature playground, and
  • specialty recreation activity spaces.

Spray Street Park (Brighton Ave.)

Located near the world-famous Dog Beach, Spray Street Park is currently underutilized and community members have requested enhancements designed to make the park a more active space.

Proposed Improvements

Community member requests for Spray Street Park include:

  • the incorporation of 6 cycle track stations to support active fitness goals,
  • a designated picnic area,
  • safety measures to prevent vehicles on grass area,
  • a community garden/pollinator garden, as well as
  • a wayfinding signage system and
  • public art piece.

The footprint of the park is awkward and not conducive to large group sport activities. This park is mostly frequented by families who are visiting the beach, adult residents and dogs of the community, engaging in solo activities and small workout groups.

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Brittany July 25, 2023 at 11:57 am

is this ever going to happen? all of our parks are horrible, and I don’t understand! Why does this beautiful beach town not have any nice parks for kids? Our parks are worse than any parks i’ve seen in the entire county. Its disappointing


kh July 25, 2023 at 1:19 pm

Unlikely. I don’t think Park and Rec has embraced any of these requests. Maybe shade at Ebers, and maybe a fence, if the community raises the funds. There is also a large city-initiated improvement project slated for Dusty Rhodes and Robb Field, but the plans I’ve seen do not incorporate the community requests.

Feel free to advocate during public comment at your next meeting of the OB Planning Board or Mission Bay Park Committee, or at

The city’s improvements at Dusty Rhodes do include a new play area, but I’m not sure who will use it if the homeless encampments there are allowed to continue. Otherwise, your best bet in the near future is if OB Community Development Corporation (OBCDC) spends some of their $4M in funds from the pending sale of their women’s shelter so they can implement their plans for a playground at Saratoga beach park.


Brittany July 25, 2023 at 2:15 pm

Thank you for the info! Do you know if there are any initiatives already going to raise funds through the community? It’s interesting that Mission Bay has updated almost all the parks within their limits but OB hasn’t had an update on a park it .. ever?. And Mission Bay parks are crazy busy, the kids love them. So many wealthy families with children moving in with the increasing housing prices- I am sure there are community funds out there to put towards at least one small update to one park. My 5 year and even 3 year old have outgrown Eber St. Park. Dusty Rhodes and Robb Field parks are pretty boring and nasty (we have found syringes in the sand). Would love to use that gazebo for a birthday party, but it’s not really the community’s anymore, its pretty much non accessible. Honestly, we live in this amazing town, but there’s really no where I like to take my kids. The beaches are gross, the parks suck. Just a waste all around in my opinion. I really appreciate your info and definitely will look into speaking up at the next OBPB meeting.


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