Recall Campbell Campaign Has 5,000 Signatures – Well On Its Way for Required Total

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Five thousand. That’s 5,000.

That’s the number of signatures the recall Jen Campbell campaign has gathered up to now. This means the campaign is well on its way for the required total of 14,421 signatures needed by June 3. The 14,421 number is based on 15 percent of the 96,140 registered voters in District 2 at the time of the general election on November 3, 2020.

On Tuesday, organizers of the recall effort told the press that the 5,000 signatures have been vetted to ensure there’s no duplicates or otherwise unusable ones. They’re planning on collecting many more signatures than are needed – as typically a good number of signatures on any petition are invalidated by the County Registrar of Voters for different reasons.

Campaign leaders said by Thursday, they could add a few thousand more from several hundred petitions they are in the process of downloading from the website.

If the Registrar certifies a sufficient number of valid signatures, then everyone’s talking about the recall election taking place in late November or early December. The ballot would include two votes – should Campbell be recalled, and who should replace her if she is recalled. To save money, the recall election may be combined with a possible statewide recall election against California Governor Gavin Newsom. However, only District 2 voters will be participating in the recall Campbell part of the balloting.

The main consultant of the contra-recall campaign, Dan Rottenstreich, continues to disparage voters and constituents in District 2 by labeling recall supporters, “the far fringes.”

The contra campaign talks like it doesn’t take the recall effort seriously, but its actions speak otherwise; they’ve put together a counter recall effort, the contra campaign; Campbell has been sending out many more (fairly useless) emails to constitutes these days; plus in her new position as council president, she aims to get in as many photo-ops as possible.

Rottenstreich is the partner of the head of the hotel workers’ union that sided with Campbell in fashioning the short-term vacation rental “compromise” – which will become law soon – but which was one of the chief reasons the recall campaign got started in the first place.

Not only that, the contra campaign is trying to portray the recall Campbell movement as a part of “the same recall playbook being used against Gov. Newsom ….”

This is absurd – and insulting. It’s absurd to paint the effort to get rid of Campbell – a relative light weight in the scheme of things – with the Republican-driven and far-right gubernatorial challenge of our state chief executive. It’s insulting to all the progressives and Democrats – and independents – who support removing Campbell because of her treachery, double-dealings and lies.

She has failed the people of District 2 – and many, many support her removal. In fact, we can’t find anyone who still supports her – except the leaders of the Midway planning group, who backed Campbell’s successful demolition of the 30 foot height limit (yeah, how’s that going?) in that area. It’s definitely more than “the far fringes” Dan.



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Don Wood April 8, 2021 at 11:32 am

The recall campaign better get busy and recruit qualified candidate to run for Campbell’s seat in the recall election, or we could get someone even worse than Jen representing the 2nd district on the city council. A recall is an opportunity for candidates to win political office with a small percentage of the votes cast in an election. That means an opportunity for unsavory characters to grab political office while the voters sleep. Who does the recall organization endorse to take Campbell’s seat in the recall election? That question has to be answered sooner than later to make the recall effort a success.


kh April 8, 2021 at 2:20 pm

Several qualified names have come up, but I wouldn’t expect them to officially declare until the recall is closer to wrapping up.

Also I believe it would be counterproductive to the recall effort to promote a specific candidate at this point. The main goal is to remove Jen from office and replace her with someone that has to take the voters seriously.


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