Gloria, Elliott Lead, Measures B and E Appeared to Have Passed

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Gloria In the Lead But Bry Refuses to Concede

Assemblyman Todd Gloria held a significant lead Tuesday night over fellow Democrat Councilwoman Barbara Bry in the battle to become San Diego’s next mayor, according to unofficial results released by the county registrar of voters. Bry has refused to concede and said Tuesday night that she expects to gain ground as more votes are counted.

Record Turn-out in San Diego?

Meanwhile, more than 1.2 million ballots were cast in San Diego County. Registrar of Voters Michael Vu was not discounting the possibility of record turnout. He said he expects turnout will exceed 80 percent, which would come close to matching the 81 percent in 2016 or possibly eclipse the record of 84 percent, set in 2008.

Elliott Has Huge Lead

San Diego City Attorney Mara Elliott was leading by a substantial margin over challenger Cory Briggs in the race to become the city’s top lawyer.

Measure B Has Wide Margin to Pass

The measure that would dissolve San Diego’s existing police review board and create a new Commission on Police Practices was leading by a wide margin Tuesday night, according to early voting results. Measure B needs a simple majority to pass.

Measure E Appears to Be Approved

San Diego voters appeared to embrace Measure E, or the effort to remove the height limit in the Midway District.

San Diego County Election Results

Source: San Diego Union-Tribune




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Frank Gormlie November 4, 2020 at 1:52 pm

MSNBC just projected Biden took Michigan – which means he has a clear path to 270 electoral college votes; he’s leading in both Nevada and Arizona and the areas that still need their votes to be counted all the large cities, which are predominantly blue votes. Biden doesn’t even need Pennsylvania or Georgia or North Carolina.


Paul Webb November 4, 2020 at 4:20 pm

Frank, I’m glad you are hopeful, but they declared Florida for Gore, too. We’re not out of the woods yet!


Paul Webb November 4, 2020 at 4:25 pm

I have very clear memories of Al Gore being declared the next president of the USA.

Sandra Day O’Connor made it very clear in public statements that she could not stand the thought of Al Gore becoming president. So, of course, she abstained from participation in Gore v. Bush due to her obvious and avowed bias against him, right? We can’t let Trump steal the election through the courts!


Frances O'Neill Zimmerman November 4, 2020 at 6:48 pm

Forget about Gore v. Bush and Obama in 2008. With fully half the country in 2020 willing to vote for Donald Trump after four years, a pandemic, and a historic huge turnout, it will be a sobering win if Joe Biden finally takes this race with help from legions of lawyers. Fortunes of money down the consultant/TV advertising drain, a House of Representatives with fewer Democrats and no sweep of the Senate — just a trade-off of Alabama for Arizona — and the return of Mitch McConnell’s stranglehold on legislation and judicial appointments. There’s a message here if we are not deaf.


Peter from South O November 5, 2020 at 9:26 am

First off, there are probably gonna be two Senate races that are going to runoffs, the Alaska Senate seat is far from settled (50% return), AND there is another gaggle of Senate seats up in two years, so there will be pressure on the majority leader to get SOMETHING accomplished.
Glass half full.


Paul Webb November 5, 2020 at 11:16 am

I’m sorry, but I cannot forget about Gore v. Bush. The publicly stated animus of one supreme court justice that in any fair world should have resulted in a recusal led to two terrible wars and an economic melt down of epic proportions. My fear is that Gorsuch/Kavanaugh/Barrett will take us down a trumpian path and four more years of a president who has no honor, no character, no integrity and no honesty.

I realize that, in the sense that there will still be a stranglehold on legislation in the senate, the country may not be governed any better than now, but at least we will have a decent human being leading the country. Remember what that was like?


Frances O'Neill Zimmerman November 5, 2020 at 9:13 pm

I think the Democratic Party needs a house-cleaning, a makeover, a socially-distanced retreat for reflection, repentence and reform.
Dem Rev. Raphael Warnock of Atlanta is in a January runoff for an open Georgia Senate seat. He would be great. He was Rep. John Lewis’ pastor. Send money. If elected, he could be friends with Dem astronaut Mark Kelly who won an AZ Senate seat.
But that’s hardly the phalanx of hotshots we were told would turn the Senate Blue. Dem Governor Steve Bullock lost the Montana Senate race to a GOP incumbent (a less handsome native son.) Ditto whoever was touted to oust Iowa Senator Joanie Ernst. In Maine shape-shifting GOP Sen. Susan Collins won a tenth term. In Kentucky a Dem female fighter pilot lost to GOP mastermind Mitch McConnell and in South Carolina unctuous Republican Lindsay Graham also was re-elected. I mean, wow.
And Dem seats were lost in the House, though blessedly not the majority.


Ted "Big Red" Conner November 4, 2020 at 8:24 pm

Excellent insight! Ms. Zimmerman! There is a lot of anger in America, and a change in the President will do little to help, Crazy as he was Trump give us a desperately needed hope, a lot of people will feel like there is no hope left when Biden wins,frankly, I am scared for our country, and I do not scare easily, 3rd battalion, 5th Marines (3/5 Dark Horse), first in Battle of Fallujah, 9 confirmed kills, 2 by hand to hand combat, I love America, and all Americans, white,black,brown, I will support our President whomever it will be, but yes I am scared for our country, and to the gentleman who may be reading this who unprovoked raised his stick at me in OB after shouting black lives matter in my face, and I calmly responded no, all lives matter, that day almost became your last day on this earth, admire your passion, but watch the violence.


Geoff Page November 5, 2020 at 11:41 am

Now, how can anyone say The OB Rag isn’t fair, allowing a guy to comment about how many “confirmed” kills he says he has and, in particular, two in hand to hand combat. That’s much more personal.


Frances O'Neill Zimmerman November 5, 2020 at 3:59 pm

Who ever said the OB Rag wasn’t fair?
Probably Mr. Conner could use some counseling after Falluja, like Doonesbury’s loveable military hero B.D., husband to Boopsie.
I don’t love all Americans, nor is my glass half full. At this very moment Donald Trump is on the radio claiming “massive victories” despite interference from the media, big tech, Wall Street and others. He says the GOP is now “the party of inclusion” and has become “the party of the American worker.” But now NPR has cut away.


Peter from South O November 6, 2020 at 1:54 pm

And so did the major networks; America is slowly waking up to a change in leadership (or a reestablishment of leadership). We will be ok.
And if you go through life with things being half full instead of half empty you will be better oriented towards progress, less towards failure.
And real life is not a cartoon (as much as I love me some Gary Trudeau); the”confirmed kills” poster is a poser . . . no real vet talks that way, just wannabes.


sealintheSelkirks November 6, 2020 at 2:33 pm

It’s now Nov 6th and it’s looking like the ‘vote’ is tilting more and more towards Biden. Who is a neoliberal right-wing Republican in action if not in the label he wears. A solid pre-1980 Republican in actions. Look at his entire political record not the sound bites of campaign propaganda! I detest him almost as much as I detest Trump. Almost. That’s our ‘democracy,’ a crap choice between two extremely unworthy candidates that I wouldn’t in reality vote for dogcatcher because I would feel sorry for the dogs…

And Trump’s ‘army of lawyers’ are trying to pull off the same kind of coup d’etat that the Wbush lawyers (including W’s lawyer army with Barrett, Kavanaugh, and Roberts who were pounding on glass doors screaming threats where the counting was going on) pulled off in Florida in 2000. Same game different decade, same mentality, but those three lawyers are now part of that corrupted court. Think being a jew in 1930s Germany in front of a court full of Nazi judges. Doubtful there being any kind of justice expected, eh?

I’m with you, Frances, on parts of your comment though. Like my Grandpa Dewey and Grandpa Harold who fought throughout WWII from start to end, there is NO compromise with Fascists possible. Dewey ended up assigned to the Occupation of Japan at the end of the war and toured, with my teenage mother & family, Hiroshima and Nagasaki’s devastated landscape. Both grandpas told me that Japan was beaten and never should have been nuked. All the US had to do, easily, is surround it with the Navy and blockade the islands and they would have submitted or starved. And, to be perfectly honest, Grandpa Harold who as a Seabee building airstrips on Islands who won the Bronze Star for charging and killed by himself a Japanese machine gun nest with a M1 and a bayonet that was killing his crew, said the US should have killed them all, including all the German Fascists left alive in Germany. He never could even LOOK at my stepmom in the 1960s who was a US-born citizen of Japanese ancestry without hate. The old pictures clearly show that. His face is violent, glaring, scary.

Not all lives matter as we learned in WWII. Fascists want you dead, you cannot change them or talk with them or work with them. They never have and never will agree to anything else but total control. Consensus will NEVER work with people of those mindsets, and too many of those people are in positions of great power in the corporate, banking, military, religious, and political spheres in this country. I’m very much afraid that there is no solution to this dilemma. All empires crash and usually from internal destruction.

I do agree that the DNC needs something but a ‘housecleaning’ isn’t going to do a damned thing any more than trying it with the Republicans will. Both sides of the 1-Party State are owned by one small segment of the population, the wealthy elite who fund them, and until we get donated MONEY and corporate power completely out of politics nothing is going to change.

I mean, War Criminal and Mass Murdered W Bush supported Biden??? WTF? If that is what we’re facing with a Biden Presidency I’m certainly not looking forward to it. Almost as much as I’m not looking forward to another 4 years of more psychotic Trump Regime crap. I don’t have any illusions here.
As for Big Red’s comment, you killed people that were fighting for their land and families against invaders promoting War Crimes, and sound pretty proud of such an ‘accomplishment.’ The Afghani did the same against the Soviet Union invasion, same as they did against the British Crown. The graveyard of empires I believe the term is and the US is facing the same, slithering out of there with its tail between its legs. You killed people who NEVER attacked this country in any way. How many Afghani were flying Air 911? Zero. The entire premise for the attack. How many Iraqi? Zero. How many Libyans? Zero. How many Syrians? Zero. How many Iranians? Zero. How many Yemeni? Zero.

But there were 15 Saudis from the Saudi Arabian Wahhabi schools of religious hate in those planes part of the multi-millionaire and CIA & US Army-trained bin Laden jihadist group whose billionaire family members were secretly flown OUT of the US that day when the rest of the US was locked down… I have attended funerals of the sons of friends of mine that did what you did though they didn’t brag of it, and those funerals were after they ate their pistols because they couldn’t live with what they had done once they came home and educated themselves about the reality of why. The parents had to clean the brains off the walls. The last (most recent) was my younger friend Kevin who was in the first invasion of Iraq, and then got recalled (heavy fuels guy) and sent twice to Iraq again in the second US invasion of Iraq to get rid of a dictator the US government put in power through a CIA-sponsored coup. His son joined after 911 and went, like you, to Afghanistan. I’m guessing that you never have wanted to look too deeply into the reason you were there…truth always disappears when a government wants a war.

There are combat vets groups against the wars you might want to talk with that can educate you hopefully without you doing what Kevin’s young son did (I taught him to snowboard by the way, nice kid before he went over).
Frances, look at who the program sponsors are for NPR. The not-funny joke is that it has turned into a censored National Petroleum Radio not the old NPR we remember…don’t put too much stock in it because they don’t want to piss off who funds them too much so they censor a lot of stories both by commission and omission.



Peter from South O November 7, 2020 at 1:30 pm

Seal . . . 1005 words? Really?


Chris November 6, 2020 at 5:17 pm

Ya know, I have to repeat this like a broken record. Black Lives Matter does NOT mean or imply other lives do not matter or even that black lives matter more than others. Not sure how or why that gets lost on those who like to chant “All Lives Matter”. And this gentleman who unprovoked raised his stick at you and yelled “Black Lives Matter” in your face makes me wonder what were you doing? Were you just out and around OB minding your own business when out of nowhere this guy came up to you? Were you involved in a counter protest? As to the desperation of those who voted for Trump the first time and still feel compelled to vote for him again, I can’t say I feel a lot of sympathy towards them. But hey, I’m admittedly biased.

Now on to your combat exploits. Growing up, there were a lot of combat veterans who came and went in my life. WW2 vets, Korean war vets, a lot of Vietnam vets. My last duty station before retiring from the Navy was Balboa (at the PSD). Between and time I spent at the VA I’ve met many more combat vets. One thing they all had in common is they NEVER EVER talked about actual killing and fighting they were engaged in to perfect strangers whether in person or on a public forum like this. Maybe over time they would go into some details with the people closest to them. And they would certainly not make any mention of it to get some point across like you just did. It really makes me question your story. If I am wrong than I am wrong and apologize in advance but I’ve never seen anyone with actual combat experience exploit it like you just did (Ok Chris Kyle with American Sniper).


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