Viva La Resistance: For Fighting vs. ‘Done Deals’ in San Diego

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By Colleen O’Connor

How many times have you heard, “Don’t bother. The fix is in. It’s a done deal?”

Don’t fight City Hall. You can’t win. You don’t have the votes. It’s a done deal.

No longer true.

Look at the big win just achieved by those who fought against the Port’s land grab in Point Loma?

Portrayed by the “insiders” as just some rich people wanting to save two docks, when in reality it was hundreds of locals resisting a cement promenade (to replace the dirt path) that would stretch from Kellogg’s beach, wrap around the Yacht Club, down Shelter Island; all the way to the Friendship Bell and Harbor Police office.

All this to provide 1,600 new hotel rooms on the already crowded Shelter Island. After more than 3,000 comments and massive local resistance, the Port changed the “done deal.” The Port will no longer allow additional hotel rooms on Shelter Island.

A major victory for the resistance.

Next “done deals” being wrestled to the ground by the resistance; dockless scooters; unregulated AirBnBs; Prop. E elimination of 30’ height limit in the Midway/Sports area; the state-mandated housing developments that gut local control; and Prop. 15 that wants to increase taxes on businesses by encroaching on the old Prop. 13 residential property protections.

Can’t those tax increases wait until the COVID-induced recession recedes? Don’t bother fighting.  “it’s a done deal.”

Think again.

The latest “done deals” in the “backrooms of City Hall” are unraveling.

Take the Sempra Energy/Ash St. scandal. The building riddled with asbestos, that not one city employee inspected, before the Mayor and then Council purchased it. Only by suing, under the Freedom of Information Act, did the the truth emerge in a cache of emails.

Another big win for the resistance.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, “Taken together, the 80-plus pages of emails show more clearly how the city came to enter what is now considered one of the worst land deals in the history of San Diego governance.” The city spent more than $50 million on lease payments and renovation costs on the unoccupied building between 2017 and 2020.

Now tangled in lawsuits; countersuits; massive due bills; unpaid rents (most likely dumped on the local taxpayers); serious malfeasance in office; double escrow accounts, minority stakes; and missing millions; as well as legal claims filed by workers exposed to asbestos.

Which brings us to all of the above mentioned “done deals” and the Mayor’s race. Bry v. Gloria

Over six months ago, the “don’t bother, it’s a done deal” voices were gaining traction. In fact, these individuals were buttressed by the release of an inside poll by the Gloria campaign showing him 15-points ahead of Barbara Bry.

Imagine the shock when two separate ABC-10News Union Tribune– polls show the race essentially tied with almost 25% undecided.

Then came the resistance and the unpleasant news for the “done deal” downtown group. The locals began fighting back on issues that mattered most to them and found Gloria wanting.

Not only does Gloria support eliminating the 30 foot height limit; increasing the taxes on businesses; and removing local control for housing infills; he also supported the biggest boondoggle to ever hit the City.

Which councilmember made the motion to buy the asbestos filled Ash Street building?  Todd Gloria. In making the motion, Gloria proudly declared, ““It’s a great deal for taxpayers!” Even now, “City officials are not even aware of where all of the money it agreed to pay for the building ended up.”

Worse still for Gloria, the San Diego LGBT news is livid after discovering that one of the undisclosed “limited partners” is none other than Doug Manchester. “(Yes, THAT Doug Manchester)”

According to LGBTN, “Manchester became a boogeyman in San Diego’s LGBT community after he contributed to the Prop 8 campaign to repeal marriage equality in 2008.  For years Gloria has repeatedly attacked political opponents for having any hint of association with Manchester or his real estate projects.”

Yet, Gloria dealt with Manchester and Faulconer, to get the deal done. Hypocrisy is the kindest word to describe the deal. Incompetence; fraud; possible criminal dalliance; and other terms apply.

Which brings us back to the Mayor’s race.  What to do?

Vote for Barbara Bry for Mayor. She is leading the resistance to all of the above and more.

She is calling for an independent investigation of the Ash Street fiasco; opposes eliminating the 30-foot height limit; supports AirBnB regulations; want more controls on dockless scooters; and the protection of our parks and beaches.

Vote for Bry.  Save your neighborhoods.  Fight City Hall.

Resistance is not futile.



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Charles Best October 21, 2020 at 1:35 pm

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!


Douglas Blackwood October 21, 2020 at 8:13 pm

Yes the big money keeps trying to destroy our wonderful community. We are activists determined to preserve our environment, despite a continual onslaught for the 50 years I’ve lived in 92107.
Ideally, this November will be victorious!


sealintheSelkirks October 25, 2020 at 2:23 pm

Man, it is so nice to pop into the Rag after weeks of trying to get ready for winter and read some GOOD news for a change! That there are people involved and active with their support of stopping the madness. That they are catching the lies and cheats and putting that info out there for others to read and think on.

Perks me up it does!

Now if only the snow will melt off so I can get the rest of the firewood cut up and under the shed roof…



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