San Diego County COVID-19 Numbers

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in San Diego

Here are the current numbers of San Diego County COVID-19 cases (as of last night at 11:00 pm – Thursday):

  • 75 new cases of COVID-19 Thursday;
  • 3 new deaths Thursday,
  • 2,087 cases in San Diego County;
  • 63 deaths now in this county;
  • 29,000 individuals in the County have been tested for COVID-19,
  • around 96% of those tested, have tested negative for the virus.

Number of Hospitalizations

  • 507 hospitalizations, an increase of 19 from Wednesday;
  • 181 of those patients being treated in intensive care units, an increase of 8 from Wednesday.
  • 12.6 days is county’s “doubling rate” for hospitalizations
  • 15.3 days is ICU admittance length;
  • 7.6 days it would take to double the number of deaths;

Testing Numbers

  • 903 positive-testing individuals have recovered, an increase of 222 from Wednesday.
  • 24.3% of positive-testing individuals have been hospitalized – remains steady from Wednesday;
  • 8.7% have been sent to an ICU – remains steady from Wednesday.
  • 3% is county’s death rate for those testing positive for the illness is 3% – – remains steady from Wednesday;

Ethnicity – the deaths in which race/ethnicity was tracked,

  • 52% were white,
  • 36% Latino,
  • 8% Asian,
  • 2% Pacific Islander
  • 2% multiple races,
  • race or ethnicity not established in 13 deaths.

From Fox5 San Diego

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Frank Gormlie April 17, 2020 at 8:02 pm

The county reported 71 new cases of novel coronavirus Friday and seven additional deaths, raising the county numbers to 2,158 cases and 70 deaths.

County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher said even with the updated numbers, members of the public were largely doing their part to avoid spreading the illness.

He cited data from a mobility tracker, which analyzes how often people travel to certain locations, and found that people are traveling more than they were a week ago. This could be an aberration or a sign that people are taking stay-at-home orders less seriously, he said.

Travel to retail grocery stores and pharmacies increased by 11% of the pre-COVID-19 baseline, which Fletcher said might be expected as people may no longer be stockpiling groceries and thus needed to shop more often. However, transit station visits jumped by 6%, retail visits by 5% and park visits by 2%.


Peter from South O April 18, 2020 at 8:44 am

Accuracy of this location data depends upon smartphones being carried by all AND that the location data be turned on. Shaky at best. Same goes for the Bluetooth proximity contact tracing being proposed. Most everyone I know that is even a little concerned about privacy has those two functions disabled, and some of us still rock a flip-phone. Google does NOT know ALL.
There is no substitute for contact tracing and surveillance testing; we are no where near getting that off the ground.
Orange man is so ignorant that he is now a mass murderer. SOMEBODY had to say it! Almost two months of inaction, a skeleton crew of capable career health pros (those who survived the Trump purge), and lies, lies lies . . . just to prop up his ego.


Frank Gormlie April 17, 2020 at 8:04 pm

In San Diego County, officials have refused to release the names of the 20 local senior care facilities that have experienced COVID-19 outbreaks resulting in 182 cases and 22 deaths.


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