New Polls Show San Diegans Want Stricter Regs on Scooters, Oppose Bike Lanes in Exchange for Loss of Parking

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The San Diego Union-Tribune released their latest polling on the mayor’s race and on the city attorney contest – coming up on Primary Day, March 3.

The newspaper’s biggest story from their polls is that Todd Gloria leads the pack for mayor, a head of Scott Sherman, the main Republican, and Barbara Bry, the other major Democratic candidate. Gloria has 29%, Sherman 18%, Bry 13% and Tasha Williamson at 4%. Yet, a big part of the undisclosed story is that a plurality of San Diego voters haven’t made up their minds – 32% are – as of the survey date – undecided.

The U-T’s polling also – besides the candidates – hit other issues – and the results are very interesting. Sure, polls are polls, and in this one, only 527 “likely voters” were surveyed. But for what’s it’s worth, here’s some noteworthy results.

Large majorities of Democrats and Independents Want Stricter Regulations on Electric Scooters

56% of Democratic voters and 63% of Independent voters surveyed want stricter regulations on electric scooter use in San Diego. 47% of Republicans also agree. This is 55% of everybody. Significant minorities want them banned altogether, 23% overall, whereas only 18% overall want less strict regulations.

A Slim Majority of Voters Oppose Adding Bike Lanes in Exchange for Removing Parking Spaces

51% of voters of the city, according to the poll, oppose adding bike lanes if parking spaces are removed. 21% support the idea, and 28% said it would depend on the specific proposal. Republican voters appear to be the most split over this issue, with 61% of them opposing it and 42% supporting it – or do they??? [Wait! I just realized there’s an error in the Republican column – it adds up to “120%”, so that can’t be correct. Perhaps a math whiz among our readers could figure out the right numbers.]

Less than 1 Out of 5 Voters Oppose Affordable Housing in Their Neighborhood

Most San Diegans Either Support Safe Parking Lots in Their Neighborhood or Are Open Dependent on Specifics

Only a Quarter of Voters Think San Diego Is Living Up to Goals of Climate Action Plan

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Frank Gormlie February 13, 2020 at 12:51 pm

We’re taking our own poll of readers. Do you like the new location of “Recent Comments”? We switched it with “Recent Ocean Beach and Point Loma News”. What do you think? Also, are there too many articles listed in “Recent OB and PL News”? Are there too many comments listed? Give us some feedback, por favor.


retired botanist February 13, 2020 at 3:54 pm

Ok, so:
1. Glad you switched the comments back to the right side of the page
2. Not wild about the “bold” list of “Recent OB and Pt Loma News’, and especially prefer to have the recent comments come first.
3. Always liked the references, at the end of a current article, to previous articles, giving the reader the option of “drilling back” on the topic.
In short, I guess imo, if its not broken, no need to fix it. I definitely don’t like the font size and bold type on the recent news section of the right-hand column. The presentation page is busy enough without that jarring distraction. As a technical writer, I notice details, so apologies if my comments are perceived as petty, but a clean, refined page just reads better…sort of like the annoying distraction of ticker-tape news at the bottom of every news site…ack, just b/c you can doesn’t mean you should! :-)


Frank Gormlie February 14, 2020 at 10:50 am

Thanks retired botanist; I’ll wait for some more feedback re: OB/ PL news vs Comments controversy.


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