Nude Man Rescued While Clinging to Side of Sunset Cliffs Sunday Morning

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in Ocean Beach

A nude man was rescued  by first responders clinging to the side of Sunset Cliffs Sunday morning, Jan. 12.

Around 10:40 am, San Diego Lifeguards received calls of a naked man clinging to the very sheer cliff near Sunset Cliffs Boulevard and Guizot Street. A small crowd, as one can imagine, had gathered to observe the potentially dangerous situation. The man, unidentified as of yet, was gripping the cliff – where there isn’t much to hold on to – about 20 feet from the bottom.

About an hour later, he was hoisted up by harness and “detained” for a “mental state evaluation” at a local hospital. He hadn’t luckily sustained any injuries outside scratches. It turned out he was intoxicated and nude by choice even though the beach nearby is not a clothing-optional beach.

NBC 7 reported :

As he was taken to an awaiting ambulance he said, “I was passin’ through the waters, you know?” The man claimed he was down at No Surf Beach exploring and then he got washed over the reef with a set of waves, Lt. Larum said. The man also said he tried to scramble up the cliff to safety and then found himself stuck. “He voluntarily had his shorts off,” Larum said. “He had been drinking. He was intoxicated.” It was unknown at the time if he was under the influence of any other substances.

On whether the man actually broke any laws, Larum said, “It’s not a clothing-option beach… And areas of the cliff are off-limits, there are signs posting it that it’s unstable and dangerous.”


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