Another Mystery Book Where ‘Hero’ Lives in Ocean Beach

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in Ocean Beach

It looks like Ocean Beach is becoming famous for being the hometown of “heroes” and protagonists in mystery novels these days.  Forget “Almost Famous”, forget “Terriers”, for we have author G.M. Ford‘s mystery Heavy on the DeadIt’s hero, Leo Waterman, lives in OB – as does Ford.

And now we have another mystery thriller, The Fourth Rising by Martin Hill where “The hero of The Fourth Rising, Peter Brandt is a war-scarred freelance journalist living in San Diego’s Ocean Beach.”

The following is a press announcement:

32-32 North Announces New Thriller by Martin Roy Hill

New mystery thriller by award-winning author inspired by controversial claims about survival of the Nazi Party.

Independent publisher 32-32 North is pleased to announce Martin Roy Hill’s third Peter Brandt mystery thriller, “The Fourth Rising,” scheduled for release in May 2020.

“The Fourth Rising” features a plot inspired by the controversial claims of several researchers that the Nazi Party did not die in the ruins of 1945 Germany, but survived to continue its aim of world domination – this time through means other than war.

Hill, a former journalist and military analyst, is the author of seven novels and one book on military history.

The hero of “The Fourth Rising,” Peter Brandt is a war-scarred freelance journalist living in San Diego’s Ocean Beach. He first appeared in Hill’s novel of political corruption, Empty Places. He was next seen in Hill’s highly acclaimed, “The Last Refuge,” a murder mystery centered around corruption in the military defense industry. SHOTs Crime & Thriller magazine called “The Last Refuge,” “a first-class performance from a writer at the very top of his game and a series that, on this showing, has the legs to run and run.”

Hill’s novel, “The Butcher’s Bill,” featuring another series character, NCIS Special Agent Linus Schag, was named the Best Mystery/Suspense Novel of 2017 by the Best Independent Book Awards, and received the 2018 Clue Award for Best Suspense Thriller from the Chanticleer International Book Awards, the Silver Medal for Thrillers from the Readers Favorite Book Awards, and the 2018 award for Adult Fiction from the California Author Project.

In “The Fourth Rising,” the horrific murder of an old flame’s husband sets former war correspondent Peter Brandt on the hunt for hidden Nazi treasure. The search takes him down a bloody trail leading from the drug cartels of Mexico to a neo-Nazi training camp in the Southern California mountains. Along the way, he unearths a decades-long Nazi conspiracy to create a new Fourth Reich.

The novel’s speculative plot was inspired by true post-war events and the theories of researchers such as Sara Moore’s “The Fourth Reich?: The EU – An Emerging German Empire,” Joseph P. Farrell’s “The Third Way: The Nazi International, European Union, and Corporate Fascism,” and William Stevenson’s “The Bormann Brotherhood.”

Though the novel’s plot was inspired by the theories of such writers, Hill said, there is plenty of documented evidence that the Nazis did try to reestablished themselves after the war.

“Though the story line of ‘The Fourth Rising’ takes place in 1997,” he said. “It still has a message addressing the rise in right-wing extremism we’re currently seeing throughout the world.”

“The Fourth Rising” is available for pre-order at

Requests for review copies or an interview with the author can be sent to

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