All of San Diego’s Congressional Reps Voted to Impeach – Except Hunter, Who Is Barred from Voting

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The four members of San Diego County’s Democratic Congressional delegation all voted for impeachment on that historical date when the vote was taken: Wednesday, Dec. 18. Reps. Susan Davis, Mike Levin, Scott Peters and Juan Vargas, all Democrats, voted to impeach Trump on both articles — abuse of power and obstruction of justice. The lone Republican, Duncan Hunter,  was barred from voting due to his recent guilty plea to federal corruption charges.

When Rep. Susan Davis got up before the microphone, she was fairly brief and abrupt (actually sounding like she had laryngitis), and said:

“Make no mistake. We are not impeaching the president. He is impeaching himself. If you are the president, and you obstruct justice, try to bribe a foreign leader and threaten national security, you’re going to get impeached. End of story.”

Rep. Mike Levin

Rep. Mike Levin said, “No one is above the law, not even the President. That is why I support both Articles of Impeachment.”

Rep. Scott Peters

Scott Peters said:

“In our nation’s history, thousands have gone into battle to fight for our democracy. In contrast, my Republican colleagues will not speak up for rule of law or against presidential abuse of power. That’s the tragedy of today’s events.”

And Juan Vargas said:

Rep. Juan Vargas

“I was one of the first members of Congress to support the impeachment inquiry, and after listening to my constituents and careful consideration of the evidence, tomorrow I plan to vote for both articles of impeachment against President Trump.”

OB Rag readers may recall that we were trying to put some pressure on Susan Davis and she was the last one to call for an impeachment inquiry of San Diego County.

Go here to see the vids thank you: Times of San Diego

During happier days: Duncan Hunter – soon to resign, Darrel Issa – running for Hunter’s seat, and what’s his name.








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