Scott Peters and Juan Vargas Support Impeachment While Susan Davis Wants to Wait

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in Ocean Beach, San Diego

Rep. Scott Peters on the OB Pier. Photo by Frank Gormlie

Rep. Juan Vargas

Scanning where San Diego County Congressional Representatives stand on impeachment, Congressmen Scott Peters and Juan Vargas both support the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Back in April, Rep. Juan Vargas was addressing the Mueller Report at a meeting of the San Diego County Chamber of Commerce when he stated:

“We should impeach him”

Vargas was the first San Diego Congressperson to join the growing list of more than 80 House members on board the impeach train. He told The Hill:

“We should start the impeachment process. I think it gets us to a place where we can get this information, and then frankly be able to make a determination.”

“By the time the courts decide, I think I’ll have grandchildren and my daughters aren’t married.”

Then in late June, Rep. Scott Peters, called for Trump’s impeachment, saying the current president has committed “more significant wrongdoing than even the Watergate break-in.” Setting aside for the moment the fact that the Watergate scandal was way more than a simple break-in, Peter’s move is significant because his Congressional district covers much of San Diego – including .

Scott Peter’s 52nd Congressional District

Here is more from Peters, as reported by Times of San Diego:

“If we don’t act, we send the message that criminal behavior is normal for presidents. Trump will be more emboldened to ignore Congress.

“The Trump campaign was willing and eager to work with a foreign adversary to interfere in our elections. This is far more significant wrongdoing even than the Watergate break-in and its subsequent cover-up which led to Nixon’s impeachment and resignation.

“Impeachment is not about the president’s character or policies. It’s about upholding the rule of law and defending the Constitution. It’s about whether he has broken the law. The Mueller Report contains plenty of evidence that he did.”

Up in the 49th District, newly-elected Rep. Mike Levin stated:

“I do not sit on the House Judiciary Committee, but I trust the judgment of my colleagues who do. If they deem it necessary to begin an impeachment inquiry as the most effective means to proceed, I will support that decision.”

Contrast his position with Rep. Katie Porter’s, whose district is in Orange County who in mid-June stated:

“The administration has refused to respect the rule of law. They have ignored multiple subpoenas; they’ve directed current and former high-ranking officials to disregard summons to testify; and the president has continued his efforts to spread mistrust of our law enforcement, contempt for our journalists, and false information about the law, Director Mueller’s findings, and basic, uncontested facts. The question is not whether a crisis is in our midst, but rather whether we choose to fight against it.”

Rep. Susan Davis

But what about Rep. Susan Davis? What’s her position? She’s in one of the safest Congressional districts in Southern California. In an inquiry from the OB Rag early this month, her DC staff sent the following as her position:

“While I am prepared to exercise Congressional authority to begin an inquiry, I believe the country is best served by vetting all possible investigations that bring our colleagues and the Senate to answer their responsibilities and hold the President accountable.”

Seems that a centrist or even liberal Democrat from a Democratic district ought to be more in the forefront of the impeachment movement. Call her DC office to see if she has changed her position. Her press secretary is Aaron Hunter at (202) 225-2040.

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Ol OB Hippie July 8, 2019 at 9:47 pm

Then the simple thing to do is contact Susan Davis’ office and do a “citizen’s lobby” to pressure her to join the 80 other House people on for impeaching the …….


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