Ocean Beach House Waiting for Coastal Permit, Becomes Squatters’ Haven

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in Ocean Beach

A renovation project to a small, old house on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard has new problems. The renovation to the building was approved by the OB Planning Board September 4, but the owners – who are not living there – say they are now waiting for the Coastal Commission to approve their construction. In the meantime squatters have taken over the home, neighbors claim.

Guoc Nuygen bought the property at 2068 Sunset Cliffs but wanted to renovate. During the renovation, however, something happened and too much of something was removed or taken down. After a field inspection was triggered, Nugyen had to have the roof replaced and finish the interior remodel – and now  he needed a Coastal Development Permit; he had to have the city confirm it and have it approved by the OB Planning Board.

The house is only 634 square feet. Nuygen told 7SanDiego said he is waiting on a coastal development permit to clear so he can complete renovations. The city confirmed his pending permit.

In the meantime, neighbors are having to put up with the problems caused by squatters who have taken up residence in the empty building. The “ruckus, noise and stench,” plus the trash left outside.

7SanDiego contacted Peter and Kim Vitullo who live behind the house. Kim told the station there are disturbances on the property “pretty much every night,” and that “It’s different people every time.” And this has been going on for months, Peter was quoted. There’s drunken fights in the middle of the night, the port-potty hasn’t been emptied for six months, Peter thinks. The couple are being inundated by flies. “It’s an attractive place for them to be. There is a bathroom. They are undisturbed in there,” Vitullo said.

The TV report said, “Police have been called to the home, but still, the squatters persist. The locks have been changed, but still they find ways to defeat them. Time and time again, day and night for the last year, cameras have recorded a parade of people in and out of 2068 Sunset Cliffs Boulevard.”

NBC7 began poking around the property last week, and “since then,” the station reports, “it has been wrapped in chain link fence and tarp.” Windows are also boarded up. And the back of the house is closed up also with plywood.

“A city spokesperson says construction inspections will begin again when the work resumes. For now they are addressing complaints about the property as they are reported.”


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Sam November 14, 2019 at 4:52 pm

Why doesn’t the homeowner have the port-a-potty taken away? Why does the city allow people to stay in there? Surely there are laws pertaining to living in semi constructed houses.


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