Who We Are

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Unless we take action rather than disregard looming environmental threats,

Unless we make it an imperative to put an end to government-for-sale to a congress which continually prostitutes itself to such as the Military Industrial Complex and the NRA,

Unless we condemn an evasive, neglectful Congress its foresworn responsibilities towards the people,  as encompassed by the once revered Constitution of The United States …

Then, and only then, friends, what is in plain, painful sight can not be denied –  this most definitely IS  who we are.


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Real Creature August 6, 2019 at 8:45 am

YES, STAN, IT IS WHO WE ARE! We are a bunch of morons … if we can’t stop Congress from bending over for every lobbyist who has a twenty dollar bill (most lobbyists have millions of twenties though). The military industrial complex is responsible for most US foolishness, but of course they direct billions into the pockets of hard working US engineers and managers every year, as well as supplying even more to a few dozen executives, who are really the ones in charge of pretty much everything within the USA at this point.

I believe violence in media is at the heart of the problem of these mass-shootings. The idea of shooting up large groups of bystanders and the massive-casualties imagery doesn’t really exist anywhere else besides video games, television and motion pictures.

Of course the military industrial complex is A-OK with the occasional mass-shooting, as long as society maintains a mentality-of-violence firmly fixed at the center of its consciousness. 9/11 was a great achievement for these executives, as it provided decades of no-holds-barred money-grabbing, all in the name of “vengeance” and “justice”, and they continue receiving more funds than they know how to hide well, which will lead to IRS problems for them soon enough, unless King Trump continues his reign, in which case the IRS will continue its mandate of “just keeping only the workers honest”.

Only a massive change to the way politicians are allowed to interact with lobbyists will alter the extremely dark future of the USA. Politicians cannot possibly serve the people while they are kneeling down and bent over, servicing billionaire corporate executives.

These mass-shootings serve to keep citizens genuflecting and patting themselves on their own backs at how much they can show they care, while at the same time allowing those truly responsible to pat themselves on their own backs at what a great job they’re doing at keeping the masses numb and dumb and full of ignorance about being so easily manipulated. Just keep playing video games where the hero shoots up hundreds of “opponents” and every other movie has a “death scene” where hundreds or thousands are obliterated with a single pull of a trigger and a sweeping motion. These are things that keep the military funding rolling in, bigger and bigger every year. (“We must keep the enemy at bay. We must get revenge. We must engage them where they live. Kill Kill Kill”)

Hey, it’s just a movie (or a game).


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